What's a good Mastodon server I can move my stuff to?

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@cadey i'm one of the admins over here. it's a friendly place and it's not going anywhere.

@cadey bug keegs in the snack channel you're in on IRC and he can prob make you an acc on this, if you don't mind bleromo

@cadey 👋🏾 I can give you a invite to Ten Forward if you'd like, lmk

@cadey i self-host but i can't tell if that's what you're moving away from
a nixos mastodon module pr was opened in 2019, and (a rebased version of) it finally got merged ni time for 21.05
i haven't updated my server yet, but when i set it up around a year ago it was annoying to get working but i've been pretty much able to forget about it since then

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