@cadey I've been playing/fighting with getting a dev environment on my gaming PC as well. I settled on using mobaxterm.mobatek.net/ + WSL2 to launch the Linux version of Emacs in GUI mode to be a nice compromise. Most of my config worked in this case. Docker for Windows talks to WSL2 just fine so that solved most of my tooling needs.


This is more of a "#Windows is not #UNIX" post than a "Windows sucks" post.

Incidentally, I'm curious why #Emacs on Windows didn't work out for you. I've used Emacs on Windows for over a decade now, and share a common config between my Windows and my Linux machines.

#magit will be poor on Windows, but other than that, my experience between the two is identical.

@beetle_b I have no idea why the author's Emacs config requires Nix. @cadey

@veer66 @beetle_b It doesn't require it, but Nix makes it easier to deal with the dependencies for sure

@cadey Emacs package has handled dependencies by itself since Emacs 24. Why still need Nix? @beetle_b

@veer66 @beetle_b because i don't want to have to learn yet another package management system

@cadey @veer66

Which package management system are you speaking of? As I said, it's a straightforward step of "Download this archive from Github and extract to a directory."

There's no package management to deal with.

@cadey @veer66

It's been years since I had to deal with dependencies for #Emacs on Windows. These days it's a simple download and install.

In particular I use #emax64: github.com/m-parashar/emax64

As a primarily #Linux person, I was once asked by a friend how I can tolerate Windows at work. I pointed out that since my #Emacs experience was the same on both platforms, the OS did not matter.


Did not #fish work well enough in #Windows? Personally, I use #xonsh which is also cross-platform.

For the command prompt, I use #ConsoleZ (github.com/cbucher/console).

If you have no plans to develop Windows things, I can recommend installing something like VcXsrv which will let you get linux desktop apps working (like emacs 😉) pretty well!

Unless you’re like me, and you have keys on a Yubikey… then it’s a tangled mess of named pipes that I gave up on and started using Proton instead. I don’t have a Quest though 😕

@afontaine yeah the stuff to do vr over wifi with the quest has windows-only kernel drivers. It's a shame.

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