@cadey great post! The last paragraph is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I don’t agree with decisions to use Rust in things like pyca until there is better support on non tier 1 targets.

@adam I'm really split on it because on one hand it's weird legacy stuff holding us back from making it easier to secure things and on the other hand rust doesn't have enough target support to really be useful across all those platforms

@cadey 💯 It’s not an easy problem at all and I’m glad I don’t have to make these decisions 😬😅

If I did have to make this decision right now I’d probably lean towards doing nothing and waiting 🤞

@cadey w.r.t. sendmail stalling the startup, you can add a hosts(5) entry for your $(hostname) pointing to ``, or `::1`, that way it'll be always resolved.

@cadey Thanks for the post. I was thinking of trying out viability of a FreeBSD system. Your post will hopefully push me to try it sooner.

One thing though. I'm running a Void Linux system with a file manager, terminal, web browser, messenger app and a screenshot app. "ps x | wc -l" shows 49 on my end compared to what you mentioned to be 45 on FreeBSD, which is not that bad I assume? Am I missing something here?

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