@cadey Thank you for writing your post.

I will treasure your examples the next time I will try to explain the very same point.

@cadey Oh, ouch, right! ^_^

So thank @apg for writing and you for sharing!

@zeroed @cadey -- this is my second attempt (over a few years) to write this. The first was too combative and I never published it. I had to let this one sit for a few months (yeah, _definitely not laziness_) before letting it out there.

@apg @cadey LOL at "too combative"; many do not share your concern.

@zeroed @cadey Cadey may have seen the original post a long time ago.. not sure. It stemmed from a conversation I had at a previous job we worked together at. Basically, I felt attacked when I asked about a better way to do enums than iota. "WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?" "Because I'm not a masochist, and like languages that solve these problems for me" was not seen as a valid thing.

My post, subsequently, took on a tone that was a reaction to the conversation, rather than the core problem.

@cadey you don't need static types to have a static type checker.

'Also go dark seemingly out of nowhere' sounds like a lack of runtime errors at all, seems to be a coming trend to put too much faith in type checkers and leave runtime to end in darkness rather than at the scene of the crime (hopefully with the debugger invoked and the stack still live for my inspection)

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