Gonna be migrating my Kubernetes cluster and dedicated server onto NixOS with a hetzner server. It's a Ryzen 3600 with a 512GB NVME boot drive and 3x2 TB sata HDDs for about 52 euros per month. This will be able to replace my aging dedi too. Hype!

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@cadey Good luck! Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with using NixOS in this context. I am using it on my workstation, but haven't yet used it as a server.

@setthemfree I have a few home servers that run NixOS, it's absolutely fantastic

@cadey @setthemfree Now we just need an Alpine zealot to come in and challenge @cadey to a trial by ~~combat~~ CTF and we can start placing our bets.

@cadey recently moved a server to oneprovider. I've been happy with it so far... just got an account with hetzner. I'll try them out when I need the extra oomph

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