Does Cargo build in parallel? Ryzen 3600 (I have this one) has 6 cores/12 threads, where the M1 has 4 fast cores and 4 slower.
I wonder how slower are the slow cores.
On my 3600, using gzip on one thread is ~30% slower if the sibling is busy.

@Fabimaru @cadey cargo uses all CPU cores by default which is perhaps nice or perhaps very annoying. I don't likt it or that stupid ninja crap insisting on using all CPU cores by default, but that's what it does (if you have 6 cores you probably want -j4 if you're doing something else).

@cadey It's too bad the M1 is Apple product only present in Apple products that are mostly made using slave labor. it seems like an awesome SOC that would be a nice choice if you could install Gentoo or whatever Linux distribution you wanted. But no, you have to use gayOS. It's the same issue the latest XBox has, it'd be a great tiny PC if it wasn't restricted to a locked-down gamerOS.

@katie @cadey what are you even talking about? You could always install your meme os on macs

@emilis @cadey Are you sure? I read something about the bootloader being locked down or something. I haven't checked since I don't support slave labor so I don't buy Apple products.

@katie @cadey Yes. Linus himself used a Macbook for many years.

@emilis @cadey That says nothing about the new ARM based ones with the M1 processor. That's the ones in question. As I understand it, you can't run Linux on those directly. You can use an emulator like QEMU and run Windows and Linux on them if you want to go that route.

@emilis @cadey I didn't hear it, I read it on the Internets

@katie @cadey Where? I haven’t seen this, genuinely interested

@emilis @cadey there's plenty of articles like techradar.com/news/linus-torva

Linus said he wanted a Mac with a M1 and he can't because it's locked down by Apple.

@katie @cadey Ah, well Linus prob knows what he’s talking about so I guess that’s no longer the case. That sucks.

@emilis @katie It's actually not locked down (UEFI plus board support drivers needed), there's just no hardware support in the kernel yet

@cadey @katie yeah but that makes is much more annoying to use

@cadey @emilis @katie i am curious if Apple will decide to sell off their CPUs to other companies. I wonder if there's more money to be made than to leaving it closed source and only on apple devices 🤔🤓

@cadey @geotechland @emilis @katie wouldn't bet on it. apple has never had an interest in anything other than selling apple products. and then making you buy new ones when they deprecate them and leave everyone behind with their unusable e-waste and locked down proprietary crap.
@cadey @emilis @geotechland @katie they did i think once feed technical details to Be in exchange for money, at a time when Apple was very cash-poor. But they dropped that deal the instant it became convenient.

@icedquinn @cadey @geotechland @katie I mean, their kernel is open source to this day. So is a lot of their tooling. :blob_shrug:

@emilis @cadey @geotechland @katie they revoked the source to most darwin modules after the x86 transition.

@icedquinn @emilis @geotechland @cadey I too doubt Apple will license their ARM CPU design to anyone or let it be part of any non-Apple products. It's not their way.

Apple's way is quite the opposite, they are going to extreme lengths to ensure that it's impossible to buy parts for their products and they are also ensuring that third party parts can't be used (replacement screens working for a year until Apple pushes a software update that breaks all machines with a replaces screen, etc).

@katie @emilis @geotechland @cadey i used to shrug at them not supporting off brand things (i mean, few people do?) but their more recent trends seem outright malicious.

@icedquinn @emilis @cadey @katie E-waste? Apple is environmentally friendly now. They don't even ship a power brick with the new iphones 😁

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