I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

@cadey (Intended as an implicit expression of overstated exasperation with a post, often in response to a bad pun.)

@cadey Making fun of hardship is the best kind of comedy. What's your encore, stomping on bugs?

@cadey lockdown here never involved closed food stores. As numbers seemed to go down I don't think that Germans will extent closures by means of closing more businesses.

Well, in fact gov doesn't dare a complete lockdown. But 'hamstering' is just a way to put some pressure into the situation.

@cadey First half had me thinking if there was anything of sorts on the news

Well, I felt stupid after reading the second half.

@cadey I'm suing*

*this is how I express my love for a good pun

@cadey 28 boosts and zero replies because this is a perfect post.

@Juju @cadey @ItsJenNotGabby it doesn't sound right, I am German, we have the usual amount of cheese and dairy products at home. 4 Liters of milk, 1 kg of cheese, we buy new one weekly...

Hehe lolled over this one.

I hope the chinese will support them with a bit of supplies (as spoken in chinglish accent).

You know that joke dont you.

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