@cadey Somehow having WM shortcuts in my keymap never occured to me. That's a great idea. 😃

Regarding switches; you should really consider trying Boba U4's (I think MKultra is the best place for you: mkultra.click/collections/swit). The more I use mine, the more I love them.

I actually gotta get me some more Boba's myself, before they're gone.

@liebach Wow these prices are amazing. I may just yolo a full set of them on my credit card.

@cadey Thought they were super expensive at first, untill I realised it was $20 for 30, not the usual bundle size of 10. 😃

I just bought 200 more from SplitKB, because I want all of the keyboards in my growing collection to have those switches.

Yes, I like them that much.

@cadey Reading the MKultra page, they point to rgbkb.net/products/rgb-silent-, which looks like a RGB friendlier version. And you can buy 3x25 instead of 3x20, and save $6 in the process.


@liebach I already bought the non-RGB ones and they've already shipped lol, I won't really have money for the RGB ones until my new job starts. :(

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@cadey Oh well, I think they’ll work fine, but maybe just dampen the brightness a bit.

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