@cadey ooh, the zsa moonlander looks NICE. which switches did you end up choosing? i've been on a TKL with cherry mx blue switches for a few years, and the force to cross the click and actuate is too high for me imo; it's hard for me to cross that threshold without bottoming out. i'm eyeing the copper speedswitches.
@cadey yeah i get that, my roommate freshman year was surprisingly chill about noise (i was prepared to replace my switches if that wasn't the case) and sophomore year i had a single. this semester im remote because corona, but next semester my luck might run out and i'll have to address the noise.
@cadey I've been using Colemak for about 7 or 8 years now. I love how the words roll off your fingers, as opposed to QWERTY where you're constantly jumping between rows.

Perphaps trying one of those split keyboards will cure my terrible typing discipline where I reach over with the wrong finger for the middle keys (in both directions).

@cadey Colemak is so comfortable! I've been typing using it for about 5 years, enjoy

@cadey I wish I had kept notes on what I used for colemak typing practice but I've forgotten. What worked for me: as soon as I learned where the keys were (which it sounds like you have) I just forced myself to stick with it completely. No qwerty, and I just accepted being slower for a while by reminding myself I was switching primarily for comfort, not for speed. It took me about 6 months to match my qwerty speed, and I was fine with that

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