In some senses, gender exists. In other senses, gender does not. With L'ewa I want to explore what is possible with language. It would be interesting to create a language where gender can be discussed as it is, not as the categories that it has historically fit into. Consider colors. There are millions of colors, all sightly different but many follow general patterns. No one or two colors can be thought of as the “default” color, yet we can have long and meaningful conversations about what color is and what separates colors from eachother.

I aim to have the same kind of granularity in L'ewa. As a goal of the language, I should be able to point to any content word in the dictionary and be able to say “that's my gender” in the same way I can describe color or music with that tree. These will implicitly be metaphors (which does detract a bit from the logical stance L'ewa normally takes) because gender is almost always a metaphor in practice. L'ewa will not have binary gender.

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