@espectalll @cadey it's like an entity that you create within yourself, iirc. I haven't tried that technique yet.
@cadey Self inducing a dissociative identity disorder is the most high IQ 3d chess move you can make.

@flowman177 that's about the most wrong assumption you can possibly make btw

@cadey Very interesting read. Do you disagree with me that it is a dissociative identity disorder(or another dissociative disorder) or do you disagree that it is a high IQ 3d chess move?

@flowman177 i disagree it's a disorder. By definition a disorder like the ones you mentioned cannot be self-induced. There's been studies by Stanford to find out more about it (I was part of it), but currently it lacks a scientific or medical classification.

@cadey I also wouldn't say (although I'm not an expert) that most "tulpa" cases are a disorder or a mental disorder because by definition a mental disorder has to impair or interfere with personal functions. However the symptoms are very similar with that of DID and certainly many psychiatrists could diagnose it as such. Regarding the self induced part, it is possible to self induce many mental illnesses such as depression or psychoses. To be fair it is not clear if it is possible to self induce DID (and "tulpas" probably don't fall under the criteria of DID under DSM-5). There are many cases though where people who might think that they hear voices or see weird things give themselves a false diagnosis and by trying to look out for the symptoms get real psychosis. BUT all of that doesn't even matter because what I said was a meme.

@flowman177 @cadey

From my personal experience, you can induce symptoms similar to an illness like Schizophrenia or DID through the use of drugs, but it’s still not that illness since Schizophrenia is genetic (mostly) and DID/OSDD usually happens in early life due to enviromental things such as repeated trauma. No psychiatrist worth their salt would diagnose a perfectly healthy Tulpamancy system with DID/OSDD or Schizophrenia just for having a tulpa since it is not clinically impairing.

@flowman177 @cadey
DID/OSDD are dissociative disorders with the byproduct of alters in order for the brain to continue growing despite serious issues that are most commonly caused by trauma. Really, the only diagnostic criteria a Tulpamancy system would meet is the plural aspect, and that’s it. With Schizophrenia, it’s not just hearing voices, but a load of other symptoms, nor are Schizophrenics even plural because of their illness. Without clinical distress, there isn’t a need for a diagnosis.

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