@cadey there's hope for slirp. Fedora is using it with podman for containery things (silverblue).

@cadey also, podman is really shiny and I'm working to bring it to Debian

@astraluma i just wanna know how to use it without it segfaulting instantly, ya know?

@cadey mood!

I would check where distros are getting their sources, presumably they're rebuilding it occasionally?

@astraluma the debian tarball for slirp segfaults in the same way

@cadey that's fun and exciting and doesn't do the same thing for me?

I should check if podman actually networks...

@astraluma please send me a link to where you build slirp from

@cadey I'm just using the Debian package. In the big pile of "things to build for podman", the thing that already existed as a package didn't even cross my mind.

@cadey Ok, I just hopped on my computer to see what's going on.

podman uses specifically slirp4netns. "slirp4netns provides user-mode networking ("slirp") for network namespaces." It comes from the package of the same name.

From ps aux: `/usr/bin/slirp4netns --mtu 65520 -c -e 3 -r 4 31492 tap0`

Podman serves the same niche and uses the same technologies as Docker.

I don't know all the ins and outs, though. I tend to integrate and write higher-level code.

@cadey Thank you for awesome research! I never even thought about doing such a thing!

Btw, did you know that your blog's ip ( is blocked in Russia since April 2018? =)

@bemyak lol apparently I'm caught in the crossfire of Russia trying to ban telegram.


@cadey that was a very interesting read!

i'm wondering now if any of the two dozen or so userspace networking thingies for docker and kubernetes could also be used for UML

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