@sir I can't disable HTML formatting in my mail client. How can I send email to your mailing lists? Using Spark mail on iOS as well as the native mail app.

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@sir That's an incredibly ableist thing to say. I have tried to use many mail clients now to no effect:

- iOS Mail
- macOS Mail
- iOS Spark
- macOS Spark
- Apple Web Mail
- GMail on the web

None of these allow setting the mail to plain text only.

@cadey that's not a freaking "ableist" thing to say. There are loads of free software alternatives that you could be using. Try aerc, mutt, claws-mail, K-9, etc

@cadey gmail on the web can do plaintext too, there's a button somewhere. But I'm not interested in making the site easier to use with harmful propreitary mail software.

@cadey you send me an email with your request,


Are any of those FOSS alternatives available with screen-reader access or at least compatible with a Braille terminal, do you know?

@Aerdan I'm not sure. I would expect thunderbird to get along reasonably well with screen readers, and claws-mail being the next most likely. Additionally, it should be possible to configure aerc to read emails to you in a limited sense, and in the future I intend to expand on this for better a11y support, alongside my other contributions to free software a11y.


The main reason I ask is that it's not always possible to ascertain what an individual's accessibility options are, and in some cases accessibility has moved backward (e.g. Firefox's screen-reader support was made possible mostly through the XUL APIs that were removed when XUL was).

It may be better to just squash HTML email in to a plaintext format; that allows disabled users who may not have a choice in the software they're using to still be able to contribute.

@Aerdan no, HTML emails are forbidden on and will continue to be, end of discussion. If that presents an issue for a11y I would sooner work on making more email clients accessible than I'd allow HTML emails on Automatic conversion of HTML to plaintext would break all kinds of things, important things.

@sir @Aerdan what would it break? just regex out everything between < and > then wrap at 72 columns. maybe replace br with \n and p with \n\n. how does stripping html from rich emails break anything?

@sum @Aerdan it breaks DKIM and PGP signatures, for example. The patch discussion parsing heuristics will also break. HTML emails is also, in general terms, a no good, very bad, terrible idea. 99 out of 100 email-related vulnerabilities are HTML related. We're having coding discussions, not sending each other word art. Additionally, any attempts to convert it will always be imperfect and will make HTML users stick out like a sore thumb, annoying everyone with the wisdom to use better email clients.

HTML emails are NOT welcome on sourcehut, and never will be. Do not ask.

@cadey @sir suck my cock you furry retard (bet you'd like that) , fucking furry bastards should be forcibly sterilized and banned from local zoos / pet stores , only autistic dog rapists use HTML enabled mail clients

@sum @cadey they were being a dick but you made it about 100x worse, that's not okay.

@cadey @sir FWIW I have sent plain text emails from gmail's webmail and even from the android app. I don't think I have consciously made any settings changes to do this.

@j605 I think it might be related to the fact that I have a GSuite account.

@cadey @sir in macOS Mail you can change a message to "plain text" by going into "Format > Make Plain Text" (it will show "Make Rich Text" instead if you were already in plain text mode). You can also set the default mode (rich or plain text) in "Preferences > Composing > Message Format".

In iOS Mail, it looks like it sends it in plain text by default if you didn't use any formatting, so unless I'm missing something, you don't have to do anything.

@cadey @sir In GMail if you click the 3 vertical dots icon next to the trash can (bottom right) you'll see a "Plain Text Mode" option.

I haven't tried iOS Spark, but I took a look at macOS Spark and didn't see any way to disable HTML, sadly. The Spark devs are pretty nice usually though so you could ping them with a feature request.

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