So in the hospital last night I remember something really weird/interesting happening before I passed out. I remember seeing a portal to my wonderland in front of me, specifically one of the areas I like swimming in. I then felt my vantage point start to float up and towards it. It felt like my mindform was being pulled out of the body.

I looked behind me and saw that my heart rate had finally hit a normal rate (it was n>140 for an hour or two) and I noticed that I didn't have the IV in my mindform's arm. I then floated towards the portal and just started swimming freely. My dream was more of the free swimming in a warm, peaceful, safe and depopulated area.

I remember feeling protected, but not being sure who I was being protected by. I don't know if it really matters who or what was protecting me, but it helped and I'm grateful for it. I kinda miss that dream now lol. It got interrupted very instantly in the hospital when it was time to wake up.

I just sorta remember the snapback to reality and hearing the heart rate monitor sound, but much much slower than before. I was told that it was time for me to head out. I got an Uber home, peed a fuckload and then passed out in bed.


All what you described is known as dissociation. It occurs in time of great stress: Car crashes, near death run ins, danger.

You had what by all means is rather common in those situations.

Hope you're doing alright today.


Dissociation did what was supposed to do. I'm glad <3

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