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Remember that all language is meaningless without context. If something you see on my toot history confuses you, please actually think non-emotionally before jumping to radical conclusions.

Cadey~ rebroadcasted

my flesh chassis has reanimated and it is my burden to pilot it once again

hey can someone interact with this toot, i wanna test something

Okay never mind they want $24 for basic settings

Cadey~ rebroadcasted

you ever notice that samus holds her canon from below in Metroid fusion because she’s weaker than usual, as opposed to how she usually holds it with her hand on top?

Cadey~ rebroadcasted
Cadey~ rebroadcasted

Extremely unpopular opinion among web developers I guess, but most websites should not be programs.

Things I can't say at work: "the planet is meowing at me again"

shitty idea

given that star trek canonically has orcas as officers in at least the TNG era

Cadey Ratio (my fursona) in a star trek science uniform, lieutenant grade on the bridge poking at a science station

Cadey~ rebroadcasted

I think I could see myself driving a cybertruck

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