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Remember that all language is meaningless without context. If something you see on my toot history confuses you, please actually think non-emotionally before jumping to radical conclusions.

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"When your dick is a baby head that's also a laser, not much in the world can really stop you."

I had the worst panic attack of my life today. I'm okay now. I'm just shaken.

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psa: while working on a high level of conciousness, take care not to fall backwards into an earlier period of time, shattering the illusion of time's linearity

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When you have been telling management about a problem for months and now you’re just like:


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don't worry @Elizafox just making sure your waifu is a proper waifu

@desvox You're a cool person. I only follow cool people. I'm following you. Thus, you are a cool person.

No takebacks.

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Hopefully it's one step closer to normalising them because let me assure you hiding in the shadows sucks.

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I will say that when it comes to the human mind the barrier between elaborate roleplay and reality is extremely low

and as an extremely suggestible person and hypochondriac I'm probably allowed to make commends on that
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It's funny how many people think plurality is a mental illness when even mainstream psychology focuses more on making a system work together than integration (which btw rarely works). As long as it doesn't interfere with functioning, it's fine.

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These are just some ideas, I'd be interested to see what you have to say about this, Nat @OsakaSystem. One of my ideas is to split up "switching" into multiple words/ideas so each of them are less linguistically overloaded.

Maybe fonci can be replaced with jitro?

bagsa: x1 is/becomes the primary/most significant presence in system x2 under conditions x3
(From: barda gasnu)


.i mi na bagsa fi lo nu mi lixna la mainsas -> I am not the most significant presence in my system when I travel to Ma Insa.

bagsa1: the agent/presence that is most significant
bagsa2: the system
bagsa3: the conditions of becoming significant

Rafsi: bags, bagsa

lixna: x1 travels to/is immersed in the imaginary world x2 under conditions x3
(From: litru xanri)


.i mi lixna la mainsas le nu mi ca dunku -> I travel to Ma Insa when I am stressed

lixna1: the traveler
lixna2: the world being traveled to
lixna3: the conditions of travel

Rafsi: lixn, lixna

fonci: x1 is fully in control of/"fronting in" x2 under conditions x3
(From: the English word "front")


.i mi fonci le mi xadni -> I am fully in control of my body.
.i xu do fonci fi lo nu le do xadni pinxe le vanju -> Is it true that you front when your body drinks wine?

fonci1: the agent fronting
fonci2: the thing the agent is fronting in
fonci3: the conditions of fronting

Rafsi: fonc, fonci

TODO: implication that x2 is a body or remove it altogether?

rogsa: x1 (set) works together with members of that set to control/co-"front"/possess x2 under conditions x3
(From: ro gasnu)


.i la seFIS je la niKOL cu rogsa fi lo nu klama le zarci -> Sephie and Nicole cofront to go to the store

rogsa1: the agents
rogsa2: the thing being controlled together
rogsa3: the conditions of control

Rafsi: rogs, rogsa

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