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Remember that all language is meaningless without context. If something you see on my toot history confuses you, please actually think non-emotionally before jumping to radical conclusions.

the best worldbuilding advice I have is to do something outlandish and think it through, instead of just sanding off the edges and fusing all the other archetypal works of the genre together into something eminently forgettable

mashup idea that's been swimming around my head all day: S3RL - Waifu x Mr. Game and Watch sounds

Is it bad for me to want to say "hail satan" to the jehovahs witnesses in the métro station?

Copy-pasting things out of my blog into your production cluster is probably a mistake.

lo jecra'a be la mergu'e 

If you want to play on another island, you need a different body.

You just need to leverage your synergy chakras to align with the deliverables

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