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Remember that all language is meaningless without context. If something you see on my toot history confuses you, please actually think non-emotionally before jumping to radical conclusions.

What's a good Mastodon server I can move my stuff to?

I have put you on a permanent piss, public and private. I have found you cold, wet and generally not worth pissing on. According to the urinals you hang in, it strengtens the effect of wanting to piss on you because of my lack of interest in you as a person. This message is not meant to be rude to you, just to inform you: squish squish

This guy: “ThE vOiCeS tElL mE tO BuRn KiLl DeStRoY”
My voices: “hey we love you and we’re proud of you and going to be here with you while you’re dealing with anxiety”

If you answered this either way, please leave feedback behind your justification in a reply to this toot.

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Do you carefully consider the technical debt implications of introducing dependencies to your code before adding it to your code?

The best part of waking up is your phone making a nuclear attack siren noise because a kid got kidnapped

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