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Remember that all language is meaningless without context. If something you see on my toot history confuses you, please actually think non-emotionally before jumping to radical conclusions.

acab life protio 

Does anyone know a solid person I can commission a ref sheet from?

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in glemmening rain.

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I'm gay


Oh jesus many people have been joining the discord from that blogpost I made. This means that people clicked on 3 successive links to get there. That's impressive to me.

This is your regularly scheduled update:

vweb leaks at least 600 bytes of ram per request handled.

Remember that it claims that it shouldn't leak any memory as if December.

This is all.

at this point im just shitposting to put off taking a shower

If this works, then I should be able to shitpost on both mastodon and Twitter at once!

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