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Yes, you have to adult. No, you don't have to grow up.

Have you ever sent a fax?

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new atheism, cold take 

New Atheism has all the makings of a religion.

A pantheon of figures (Dawkins, Sam Harris, etc.);

Dogmatic worship of a concept (the scientific method) with no nuance and deliberate ignorance of pitfalls (things like confirmation bias are rarely if ever discussed);

Abusing the tenets of the religion to justify bigotry (Dawkins shilling scientific racism and eugenics);

Disdain of other religions, and disdain for their adherents (Islamophobia);

Insistence that their way is the one true path to the exclusion of others, because nothing else could be possibly true;

And insistence that they possess special understanding that other sects do not (consider new atheist's attitudes towards normal atheists).

As an atheist, nothing is more harmful to the reputation of atheists than new atheism; it should be shunned.

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> Food for thought: modern UX breaks every single one of the "four comforting thoughts" of the Macintosh.

extremely obvious subtoot, 18+ 

My bestie who is also my ex is now a porn star and I don't know how I feel about this

Or if I'm even allowed to feel about this

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