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ddg thinks “jwz” and “Bible” are similar words.

Maybe for some geeks.

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Hi fedi. Does anyone know how to build MariaDB? Way over my head. Asking for a friend.

That is, @Elizafox is like “migrate the IL wiki” and it uses MariaDB and MediaWiki is too stupid to let you switch back ends and keep the data. I have the .sql file from mysqldump. I just don’t know how to build MariaDB properly and copying the Gentoo ebuild made a mess.

pathologising feelings and shaming people for having them out in the open is one of the worst defects of our society

Running around like a chicken without a head.

~28 hours until a server with almost a TB of my data, git repos, etc poofs unexpectedly. I just have to hope it can transfer fast enough.

I'm so old, I think ML means Machine Language, and not Machine Learning

Is my life so bad I’m considering reading FTL to get my mind off it?

I want someone to use neural networks to make Mitt Romney say "Corporations are evil, my friend."

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