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Me: “uh I need one of those ‘drunk octopus that wants to fight’ things for my wall”

Home Depot employee: “you what”

Today I awkwardly learned it’s a double robe hook.

Eagerly awaiting the meme generation growing up enough for products to be renamed.

btw Folding@Home is a really neat project.

its massively distributed protein folding computations delivered to voluntary clients who install the program to use idle cpu/gpu time to help solve issues like alzheimers and diseases and whatnot.

check it out, its a really good cause and its free to do (Except for electricity) and its from Stanford university

My suggestion is if you want privacy is don't use the Internet. Meet your friends in person.

Internet privacy is an oxymoron. I know this take will get me shot on the fediverse, but trust me.

We're using a huge stack of protocols that were never designed for security or safety let alone anonymity and now we're trying to bolt anonymity on top of them.

Even though tor and SSL are engineering marvels, we're trying to build bookshelves out of mashed potatoes.

The state of software is that security can never, ever be assured. It's all so dreadfully bad and engineered.

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Seattle folks!

911 is broken. Police dept numbers are being circulated but if you can't handle police, note these.

Hospitals, ERs, clinics and ambulance services direct numbers:

Fire dept direct number:

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There are instances that talk a good game about free speech but consist of agent provocateurs being so edgy that nobody else wants to be around

There are instances that talk a good game about diversity but consist of a monoculture of chronically depressed americans ruminating that nobody else wants to be around

Can the fediverse really do no better? I could have sworn I remembered times better than this

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free speech libertarians believe in property rights but they also believe that things like free speech should legally bind private actors

so which is it:

the right to kick anyone off my property (websites are property, sorry kid)


the right for them to say whatever on my property, and not be allowed to kick them out?

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