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Picard: Data can you identify the origin of this strange text?
Data: What text, sir?

We built this shitty
We built this shitty on technical debt

I opened subway on my Android and it tooted out a draft I wrote three weeks ago that it said it didn’t send. Sorry to @bhtooefr and @calvin for that.

How are "Hug" Activities not a thing in #ActivityPub

How can I send hugs (only to those that want hugs).

ActivityStreams extension here we come.

Google copies Apple.

Look at this cable from my Pixel and tell me otherwise.

The good news is that I’m actually tired before 3 AM which hasn’t been happening lately.

Remind me to never, ever shop in Broken Arrow again. This is the third second hand shop I’ve been to there. All of them sell stuff in this condition.

This bloody #kookaburra just took a piece of toast right out of my hand as I was about to take a bite.

Amazingly smooth work, I honestly didn't comprehend what had happened until it was all over.

#bird #bastard

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Today was a “my chair broke and the Massive Attack CD I bought had a Masters At Work maxi single in instead” day

Not great

But fuzzy snuggled so it’s 👌🏻

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