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I am mainly interested in using actual streaming protocols like we used to in the 90s. No browser playback, you have to use VLC or MPlayer or whatever. So...


I want to start a streaming site to compete with YouTube but I keep getting hung up on the name.

YouPanel sounds like a survey site

YouLive sounds like a healthcare site

YouStream is too similar to Ustream

OohTube sounds perverse

YourTube is probably trademark infringement

What about


It’s past my bed time but I’m on the loo so fedi is 👌🏻

For clarity I meant they as in Elly the enby not the boobs themselves

I don’t know how the boobs feel tbh

How long until someone tries to report all of us for taking about Elizaboobs even though they are like loving it and encouraging it


I have been trying to go to Photos for like half an hour to look for a photo of a passcode (don’t ask) and masto keeps pushing notifications and I keep tapping on them

Yall distracting mofos

The dim light hides the years
Forgotten but not gone
You drink it off your mind…

Broadway – Goo Goo Dolls

i think a selfie is like kinda tryna back up your soul onto your phone

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:sm64_p: :sm64_a: :sm64_c: :sm64_k: :sm64_a: :sm64_g: :sm64_e: :sm64_c: :sm64_l: :sm64_e: :sm64_a: :sm64_r:

I now demand abuild show this when a package successfully builds.

america explain the pronunciation differences between Kansas and Arkansas
Your periodic reminder that in 1997, QNX developed a 1440 kiB demo floppy that contained the following:

* QNX 4 POSIX-compatible realtime microkernel
* Your choice of either Hayes modem drivers, or wired ethernet drivers for a few common NICs at the time (NE1000/2000, DEC Tulip, 3c509)
* VGA and VESA video drivers
* Photon windowing system
* A completely modern HTML 3.2+JavaScript web browser(!), with a bundled JavaScript game (Towers of Hanoi)
* A graphical text editor and a little demo animation
* A package manager to bring other apps in over the internet has some screenshots and download links.
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