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MRW this no-nonsense lady doesn't get boosted for toots both far and wide! :toot:

True software freedom for this age: you can get the source code of a service you use, and can set it up on your own server. You can also get all your data from the service, and migrate it to another service (hosted by you or someone else). Futher, all of this needs to be easy, fast, and cheap enough to be feasible, and there can't be "network effects" that lock you into a specific service instance.

I like how going on Mozilla IRC and saying Thunderbird doesn’t work at all was met with “post to the newsgroup”.

With WHAT?

Thunderbird is the only maintained GUI newsreader that I’m aware of for Linux.

@awilfox : evolution doesn't build on musl

me: you have to use creationism or intelligent design

"we have gotten to the point where our compilers can change POSIX conformance by optimisation level."

[screams externally]

*literally goes insane from this revelation*

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Cloudy days fill me with wanderlust.

If I didn’t have responsibilities and family and things to take care of, I would have spent today on the highway just driving.

Just to drive.

Does anyone else feel that way or am I broken

old but still good - the best error message I ever saw

TSA: no fluids, no nail clippers, none of that

Also TSA: you can get high proof vodka from the duty free, a lighter, and a cheap piece of flammable cloth. Also a rather sharp nail file too. Nothing is wrong with this at all.

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Reminder to myself: ain't got time for things that don't always make me happy

If something gets me upset or frustrated regularly, might be time to stop following it and find something else instead

> you have 3 new notifications

> nobody has @‘d me for two days

Stupid autocorrect. The Weeknd*

Also, that’s an actual screenshot of my phone I just took

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