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@awilfox @Aerdan @a_breakin_glass > though of course if someone volunteers to do the work and maintain a builder we will accept the port.

I wonder how that worked out for the guy who did the sparc64 port....

@sir okay then that's another major disconnect between us

I care about people who don't know how to code

All three of those languages have:

- arrays
- logical variable scoping
- types (Python’s is optional I know stfu)
- modules
- 85% less symbols that look like line noise

Shell has none of these

I don’t even like Go

I just don’t want to deal with shell anymore

New Years resolution for 2019:

Rewrite every single shell script in AdΓ©lie in C, Go, or Python


@Elizafox has stuck her paws in me to control me and it hurβ€”

Never mind. I’m fine. Trust me. Totally fine.

Gary Bernhardt re-wrote an email by Linus Torvalds in a way that made it less insulting. Both the result and how he got there is a very readable and nice. Highly recommended: destroyallsoftware.com/blog/20

I always felt like snappy/flatpak/appimage were stupid ideas, but didn't exactly know why.

Then someone wrote this article


and suddenly it all makes sense.

@Elizafox what reference? I was just mumbling to myself

"ok, this is the gapless version; so this is going to be the '99 US release, not the '98 UK one."

jesus fucking christ how much of a nerd do you have to be to KNOW that @awilfox lol

@awilfox has a cat

their cat got stuck in cat jail

"you gotta get us out of the joint man"

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@Elizafox you take meds to make you crazy? shit. that's next level dedication

An entire weekend with:

πŸ“΅no internet
🚳no going out (taking care of my Mum with tendonitis in her feet)
πŸ”žno nookie


Might actually be a large enough time to finally get through Kingdom Hearts...