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@Elizafox still waiting for a qt3 LTS release

Qt 3.14

Donโ€™t @ me

@Elizafox they are talking about how healthy their QT interval is.

@Elizafox they are talking about how much they love Qt, the widget library!

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@Elizafox if you died and needed a ride home, thatโ€™s what the coroner is for

RT @KenRoth@twitter.com: As internet companies recognize that encryption is essential to protect our privacy, some governments are trying to undermine it, ostensibly for law enforcement, but it's not only the good guys who will exploit any mandated vulnerability: UN report. bit.ly/2KDRyGU

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@awilfox @Aerdan @a_breakin_glass > though of course if someone volunteers to do the work and maintain a builder we will accept the port.

I wonder how that worked out for the guy who did the sparc64 port....

@Aerdan @a_breakin_glass Golang (Googleโ€™s Go implementation) is broken on pretty much every arch we ship.

- pmmx (x86_32): requires SSE when it is build for -march=pentium
- ppc32: not implemented ( github.com/golang/go/issues/22 )
- PPC64: requires power8 ISA for literally no reason other than they hate me
- aarch64: broken on musl

@Wolf480pl our package manager is in C

Shell would be:

- abuild (Go would do nicely here I think)
- newapkbuild (Python would do fine)
- mkinitfs (not sure what to do with this)

@sir okay then that's another major disconnect between us

I care about people who don't know how to code

@Wolf480pl yes, but it makes sense for tasks that need something high level and are not performance sensitive.

@Aerdan Go is in core.

Go ships in system/.

In case you forgot, itโ€™s part of the damn GCC toolchain now.

And it still segfaults on PPC (32 and 64) because... I guess ucontext.

@Aerdan you kid

But that was one of my first paying gigs.

And my perl wasnโ€™t terrible. I am CAPABLE of good Perl if I have a book in front of me, and a design in my head.

@colon_three I only have assetto for PS4

Honestly I should get the Xbox One version, my forza wheel would probably be ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป with it