@Elizafox trees in houses near Pine and Peoria. It went over 75 there. Man trapped in house. Also damaged part of Mohawk Park.

North has been ravaged by a . My personal opinion (NOT OFFICIAL) is it’s probably an EF-2 based on damage pics I’m seeing. Ouch.

Tornado sirens sounding at my flat! Goodbye cruel world.

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Just found a significant chunk of my life ca 2013-2014 on a newly-resurrected Pentium II…

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become the society dweller you want to see in the municipality

@lanodan @foxhkron @jack no.

It’s because there was a Pleroma developer that was involved in alt-right stuff. They’re reformed now, as in, not alt-right any more.

@succfemboi my pixel softbricked and I went back to the Nexus 5X and just flashing AOSP to it again, it’s working better than my pixel did when it was new. Including battery. And it was flat for over two years. A+ LG.

@kaniini didn’t realise that about mattermost, thanks for the insight. Hope all goes well with Pleroma Chat, a federated and libre platform would be a great alternative indeed.

@kaniini hi, I don’t mean to bother or poke you, but I’m in the middle of writing an article about the dangers of relying on proprietary chat systems (like slack and discord) in open source communities and was wondering if you had anything you’d like to add to it (feel free to boost this if you think others might, too)

The draft is at foxkit.us/text/discord-article (apologies for HTML in plain text, it’s a direct copy from my blog draft)

@kaniini @AdelieLinux yeah, that could be a better experience.

Possibly a tool to inspect a machine and say “these pkgs aren’t available right now, and these will be upgraded/downgraded” would be helpful for crossgraders in either direction

periodic reminder for refugees of alpine: we’re here, we have a focus and a plan, and we actually do have open governance instead of bickering about how open to be!

and cookies! not the HTTP kind! @AdelieLinux

@Elizafox you know it was really funny yesterday, a libertarian was talking to me about the rule in Adélie against posting violence on your social media if you mention you’re an Adélie dev in your bio.

“So if you’re rightist you can’t post politics but if you’re leftist you can?”

Me, an intellectual: “you do realise you just outed yourself as a bigot by saying anyone right of centre is violent, right”

Boy that shut him up quick.

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