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Uninstalled discord from my phone. My battery life is amazing now.

@ciaby I think this landed Tues or Weds. sorry, this week was crazy.

The past week for me has involved a hit and run (I was hit, they ran); super hot office (22°C/71°F. In January); and a 3” snow accumulation turned into bloody nothing. (I love snow)

@ciaby we’ve been having lots of issues with the kernel config stuff. We’re actually having to basically start over. I hope to have it done today and will @ you when it is done. I am so sorry for the delay.

@Elizafox sometimes that’s necessary

In fact I’d argue someone saying that is why I exist rn

When I was about 11 yo they had a snowboarder and an actress who had T1D come to the hospital where we were being seen by the dr. I asked “but you have diabetes, how can you do sports”

“You have diabetes, why do you think you can’t?”

Not having an answer to that is what made me realise that my disability does not have to define me so that sure changed my life 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Elizafox I mean I get it though

Rejection hurts really bad, to the point you want to know the answer is yes before you ask.

It’s like cats. They get really nervous when they come up to you and if you ignore them they won’t come back for hours, sometimes days, because they feel rejected.


@ciaby also, note that when you upgrade tomorrow you will need to use -a flag. Like so:

# apk update
# apk upgrade -a

This will ensure the old kernel is replaced with the new one.

@ciaby sorry for delay, had some other packages to bump and fix. An x86 kernel with these options set is building now.

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