@ehashman but idk, being as close to @Elizafox as I am, it would surprise me if they have done that sort of research for any length of time. mostly because I would think they would want me to help find resources.

moving that far away on the drop of a dime just feels like a bad idea and at the end of the day I just want them to be comf and not stuck in a place they don't like

(& lest y'all think I'm talking over them now, I said all this to them earlier :p )

@ehashman @Elizafox like, there are plenty of good things there too. it isn't more expensive to just to be more expensive, it is partially because of the demand because it is a cool place to be.

but still, at least visit and scout the place before you just randomly move. I immersed myself in Tulsa culture for two years before I moved here. watched a lot of local documentaries, even streamed the news to feel out what was happening out here.

@ehashman @Elizafox I will absolutely agree WA is full of beautiful and varied country, very similar to OK in the depth and variance (tho obviously VERY different types) -

my point was the multi state travel that they usually like to do. someone like me that likes to stay in a 2-3hr radius of home, it's great (as is OK). doing day trips out of state, tho, I think Elly would be bored af after two or three times, just imo.

@tomxcd my client doesn't support polls but: 1999 heard, 2001 used.

Red Hat was my distro of choice for a while, and I still use Fedora when I need a glibc distro.

@Elizafox fun facts: there are two reasons I don't live in that house right now

1. job offer fell through, but there was another possibility; I ignored it because while visiting I found out:
2. as a diabetic I would not be allowed to drive. ever. it is considered a disability that requires a licensed passenger and costlier insurance. it is basically permanent permit, like you are 15 forever. pass.

@Elizafox cite: planned a move ca 2010 and almost closed on a house in Edmonds (yes, that close). multiple friends and partners of friends who currently live in the area.

@Elizafox kiss your interesting travel sessions goodbye because all you have to look at is ID (worse for LGBT than OK, leading the charge against anti-trans everything), MT (pretty scenery but where the meth epidemic went to die), and OR (Portland, nuff said)

but you will have gig fibre for next to nothing and your rights won't be infringed by the state (just by Seattle city council and SPD), so, there's that.

@Elizafox goods are a lot more expensive; your budget will not go as far. demand a raise before moving, or at least ask everyone with employment to do so.

petrol is hella more expensive, to the tune of nearly 2$/gal more, so expect to need to buy a more fuel efficient car. think less CRV and more Fiesta.

food is expensive but no grocery tax so it's not quite as bad as it seems. ofc, Stitt head promised to repeal ours so it will soon be as bad as it seems.

@Elizafox you need a LOT of roomies to make it livable and you will not have a lot of room. land is tight even in the burbs. rural areas are more backwards than OK rural areas. the tribes in WA are NOT LGBTQ FRIENDLY, largely. you will not many friends in WA OIP (like OK OIA)

think about flood insurance now, if you think the Arkansas is scary you have not seen lake Washington.

you may have some luck in Auburn but the travel to SEA will make you miserable.

@Elizafox that said, if you really want to go down this road and throw a few years of your life away before going somewhere else – *deep cleansing sigh*

Bothell and Mountlake Terrace are ok areas but will price you out and look at you funny because they have WASPs. hard pass on Tacoma. Kirkland and Newcastle are sorta like what Broken Arrow are here. (MLT is most like Bixby, fwiw)

@Elizafox everyone in this thread raises good points. the grass ain't always greener and there's stuff you are going to be surprised at (I dug out my fucking mstdn account just to reply to this, even.)

Apple Health does not deny trans care but cannot force a provider to give it to you; the OIC ruling applies to private insurance only. (if you have Premera BC the dr has to take you; AH they do not)

WA is expensive af and their sales taxes are higher than here esp in SEA metro. 🧵

85 on the creek while blaring EDM

have found my inner @Elizafox@vulpine.club. this scares me.

@der_bluthund translation APIs are expensive and require monthly sub fees, so perhaps there could be a "fedi plus" that would include that for a small monthly fee, in exchange for access to that (which we would have to pay monthly)

I've been told that writing a good, accessible, mobile-friendly fedi client might be a good idea and be able to pad my income a little while waiting for more stable work. Trying to gauge interest.

Would likely start with iOS, then look at android, qt, etc. Mobile apps would likely be paid (but not too expensive), code would be open source for anyone who wants to hack on it. (Dual-licensed to ensure App Store distrib is legal.)

Anyone want to see that? Fav/hmu

@io the industry is heading in a very bad place. but.

it has gone worse places (look up IBM in the 1930s), and at least now it looks like this will be temporary.

the major player making it bad is goog. when they die, we all win. until then I'm just going to keep doing what I do, pretending none of these evil things exist and making what I can as good as possible.

@tek @io I literally nearly quit technology (working in systems dev like libc and kernel and stuff where I just make possible all the good and bad)

until my Mum was diagnosed with cancer

and she is now fully disease free

and the only reason she is alive right now is because of the technology we have.

how bad things really are 

@Stephen_Stone genuinely, thank you for acknowledging you made mistakes in the past, and that you were able to grow.

It's especially silly because some of my best and most enduring friendships are with atheists. We agree to disagree on religion, and everything else is fine.

I hope more can learn tolerance. 🕊☮️

how bad things really are 

@Elizafox so in conclusion: I am posting for the first time in a year, not really hopeful things are better. I've seen the federated TL too much to know they have only became worse.

I post in eulogy for what fedi used to be, and for what I hoped it could become.

how bad things really are 

@Elizafox because it will, hopefully, God willing, be replaced with something better that learns lessons from it.

Oh no, I invoked the fact I'm religious, can't wait to see what crazy atheist fedi says about that. One tried to dox me once. Thankfully they only got my outdated FL info!

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