@sroracle I think there's actually a SpongeBob episode of exactly that

Probably not what you were looking for though

Voice layering can be so incredibly poetic.

(You're <all I ever wanted) was to leave>

thanks to @awilfox, i have verified that #lvis is endian-safe (tested on ppc64 big-endian)

@awilfox rm: remove write-protected regular file 'florida'?

More of the DoH debate, by Richard Bennett: circleid.com/posts/20190916_do

"If you trust your ISP more than Google or Cloudflare — not unreasonable for many — DoH does nothing for you outside of the narrow case of using public Wi-Fi over unsecured networks. If you're doing that, of course, you have much bigger privacy issues than DNS lookups."


"We need to redesign DoH so that it works with DHCP and local policies, not against them."

really dumb but sincere question 

really dumb but sincere question 

filk of Nelly - Ride Wit Me 

And now back up and running after I had both my laptop and primary backup fail at the same time. That money I spent on a NAS and Retrospect backup now seem well invested.

Please check your backups people!

bitterness, which is a bad look on anyone 

"Openly gay Prime Minister of Luxembourg with his partner welcoming openly lesbian Prime Minister of Serbia and her partner ahead of the first official visit between two LGBT+ heads of government." IMHO #TOGTT The One Good Thing Today - Source: reddit.com/r/europe/comments/d

re: tech stuff, adjacent to child abuse 

re: tech stuff 

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