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our smaller boy cat obsidian is sunbathing in front of @Elizafox 's imac...

im not sure he knows its not the sun tbh...

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BOFH excuse:

PAM authentication error, try switching to Crisco

@Elizafox did you know Mastodon is open source! Or as I have started calling it, GNU + Mastodon…

@plausocks it has a useful article on removing blood from fabric

Epistaxis 👌🏻

Ooh it’s the weekend and it’s time for me to write all the article drafts that have been buzzing in my head all week

@halfcutskeleton @trwnh @jeffalyanak @freakazoid A Chromebook is the epitome of a surveillance device. “This panopticon runs on Linux” is hardly reason to celebrate. If we follow that line of reasoning, Surveillance Capitalism runs almost exclusively on Linux and Linux doesn’t make any value judgements about surveillance (see Linus’s remarks + the first class support for surveillance capitalism in GNOME, etc.)

@aral this is also my main argument against “patches welcome” culture and if you like I’ll link you to my article when it’s finished.

@K_REY_C @aral thank you for helping others.

I know that tech help, even to friends and family, can be very thankless. It’s rough sometimes especially when people are flipping their crap because “my pictures!!!! My email!!!!”

Thank you so much for helping (and, assumedly, educating) others.

Your post has also inspired me to write more about how Linux isn’t permanent in the Adélie docs, so people aren’t afraid they’d need a new laptop if it doesn’t work out.

People do not “just install Linux” not because they’re too dumb or because they don’t care about their freedom or privacy but because they have brain surgery to perform in the morning and they have three kids. When people get a car, they expect to drive it, not to have to replace the engine.

People talk about how plastic consumption is a problem (and it is given it can only be recycled a finite number of times) but they cite the impacts on marine life

A better question is: how the fuck are the oceans filling up with plastic? *Someone* is putting it there. :thonk:

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