wtf, false accusations, possible threat? 

to the tune of “havana” 


Room was not ready. Complained to front desk. Bumped to the executive level.

This level is so exclusive, you have to use your key card to even access the ELEVATOR.

I am very much enjoying this free view of what it is like to be important. (It won’t last long, anyway.)

silly, meme 

Mr Gaz doin a slep, preventing me from getting to my office and making me super late

Good kitty 👌🏻😻

[to the tune of Havana by Camila Cabello]

My fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzz
Half of my heart is with my fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzz
He took my heart and showed how fuzzy that he was
Oh, but my heart is with my fuzzy
There’s something bout this kitty
My fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzz

🎶 There’s a look in your eye
You want to stay
So let’s snuggle before you go away 🎵

I found Mr Gaz sleeping in my gaming chair and all the tech BS just melted away. I love this kitty.

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