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To any life forms reading this.

We, as living creatures, enjoyed the company of others. We also enjoyed cross-species communication and bonding, as other species did with us.

We thought photos like this were cute.

We were Earth, and we had some good times together.

"How many more times can this stupid guy say 'Did you know you can pay your bill and view account information using the myAT&T app? Download it today on your Apple, Android, or Windows smartphone.'????" --Mr Gaz

"ugh, expected hold time is 20 minutes"

"why not just put the hold music on speaker so you can do other things?"

my mum is brilliant sometimes mst3k.interlinked.me/media/J8J

Wait, this glibc thing is still going?

Well I think it's time for skarnet's meme:

PS4 burned my entire hotspot allowance for the month. back to iPhone and AT&T. mst3k.interlinked.me/media/HCT

Maximum irony: my PS4 won't connect to my Wi-Fi AP when I have internet.

Guess what is the only device in my house that will tether off my Android?

I tried to click a username link from a pleroma instance

Lol computers I wish I was a veterinarian

bad joke re music Show more

The first racing game I ever played in my life was Formula 1 '96.

I was a derpy kid and couldn't drive to save my life.

I found a copy of this game at Vintage Stock and bought it for the nostalgia. I had never won a race in my life.

20 years later and I DID IT

tfw you are so OCD you actually plan out capacity and size for surge protectors