I've been told that writing a good, accessible, mobile-friendly fedi client might be a good idea and be able to pad my income a little while waiting for more stable work. Trying to gauge interest.

Would likely start with iOS, then look at android, qt, etc. Mobile apps would likely be paid (but not too expensive), code would be open source for anyone who wants to hack on it. (Dual-licensed to ensure App Store distrib is legal.)

Anyone want to see that? Fav/hmu

@awilfox in-line translation of foreign language toots using MS or Google Translate would cause me to ditch Tusky. Just so that you know...


@der_bluthund translation APIs are expensive and require monthly sub fees, so perhaps there could be a "fedi plus" that would include that for a small monthly fee, in exchange for access to that (which we would have to pay monthly)

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