honestly the more i look at this adelie fork of libucontext, the more it pisses me off. they made one change to it, which is *wrong* and then monetized it.
at any rate, libucontext 0.10 will be released soon to supercede their fork. don't use their fork, it is completely broken on x86.
they can't even get the license right either, MIT and ISC licenses are waaaaaaaay different. this is ironic to me considering they slagged alpine and pmOS for not having accurate license data in some packages, but here they are, forking a software (for no reason) and then misrepresenting the license.
oh my fucking god, the cherry on top of that shit sundae, they changed the copyright notices to reflect my name change, BUT DID NOT UPDATE THE CONTACT EMAIL

Direct from Quassel logs, 16 November 2019 (sorry for timestamps):

1573959397572 <kaniini> i'm going to have to request that you hand maintainership of libucontext back to me btw
1573959404580 <kaniini> i have a bunch of new code for it :p
1573959422914 <awilfox> do you want to *maintain* it, though, or do you just want push
1573959430811 <kaniini> idk
1573959431312 <awilfox> because it was going to just live at gcompat.com
1573959433692 <kaniini> doesnt matter to me
1573959452151 <kaniini> but i need to support libucontext on s390x and mips[64]
1573959498136 <awilfox> @kaniini [Maintainer] Given access just now
1573959542387 <awilfox> repository is at code.foxkit.us/adelie/libucont or git@code.foxkit.us:adelie/libucontext.git
1573959554778 <awilfox> all commits to master are autobuilt on x86 and arm
1573959651875 <awilfox> do you want me to fix your name or do you want to do that
1573959660083 <kaniini> *shrug*
1573959663130 <kaniini> you can do it
1573960036627 <awilfox> ok, fixed

I did everything I could – *everything* I could – to do right by the communities of Adélie, Alpine, and Void – the users of libucontext – and by Ariadne herself.

This situation is deeply upsetting to me. We worked with her to make sure everything would be good for her and the larger community.

When she asked for maintainership back, I went into GitLab and gave it to her immediately. This also kept the benefit of having Travis, and our eventual plan of migrating to GitLab CI with more architecture spread. And it also ensured that if she was busy and there were fixes that needed to be made, any Adélie committer could push fixes.

I'm saddened by how these events have unfolded.

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