It can be like the Facebook poke wars for a new generation!!!

ActivityPub extension idea: the ability to favourite a favourite action

I just tried to favourite someone’s favourite of my toot and favourited my own toot

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I’m definitely not cut out for living.

Just saw what may have been a flea. Mr Gaz is on flea prevention and control already.

Solution: vacuum entire house twice. Buy commercial grade IGR.

My God, I’m legitimately paranoid of insects.

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@karen the modern web is shit, but so was shitty flash and java web apps. lets go back to pure html

2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
I saw your dick,
On Unregistered HyperCam 2"


a true poet of our time

Feels like every day I'm seeing fewer and fewer parts of threads I open

I wish there was a "temporarily ignore all silences which were only made to declutter the federated timeline for this thread only" button

My tablet is, for some reason, automatically and deliberately speaking of all @lynnesbian 's posts as they are posted. In the female British Siri voice.

just think, an intruder breaks into your home and you flip the lights on to see them to defend yourself, aaaaaand they're getting an OTA update

@blakehaswell One factor to consider is that if the Australian law is considered to be "successful" then similar laws will be passed elsewhere.

Some possible tactics:

- Ensure that any backdoors which the government adds are discovered and publicized
- Work towards reproducible builds
- Encourage everyone not to trust proprietary chat apps. Assume that such apps are already backdoored
- Devise and deploy systems for monitoring the relevant open source projects. For example, a system which monitors open source chat apps and lists changes to cryptography related sections. Make code review of sensitive files trivial
- The government won't follow its own laws, and will use apps which are not backdoored. Use FOIA or anything similar to check what apps are used/purchased by officials and point out the hypocrisy
- Run cryptography workshops for your people. Make cryptography cool. Make it fashionable. Make songs and art about it. The government will prefer that people are uneducated on the topic

looking at fedi and like wow @plausocks is doing a better job than @Elizafox with 💩posting

The student surpasses the master

Writing printf in assembly language because calling C code is literally more difficult for modern processor ISAs

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