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I hate subscription based software so much. We overpay way more than we should already.

Women go NUTS when you use "free as in freedom" in daily conversation

> Buy camera

โ€œI can finally take great nature photos without phone graininess!โ€

> 250 cat photos in two days

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"This is 'Keys'. She keeps putting her paws in the air and nobody knows why." - imgur.com/gallery/1OVsa

Letโ€™s make fedi IRC. Iโ€™ll start.

:awilfox PRIVMSG :Mrow

Moi quand je bosse sur un projet en Node.js

@Elizafox It's important to validate every identity, because otherwise you will probably get undefined behavior and extremely weird and obscure bugs, and almost definitely major security issues.

the aforementioned poor dear is working in every other way.

the disk was ruined by TU, but that was easily fixed by ATA ERASE command.

80 gigs of... idk what yet. This isnโ€™t the lamp I wanted to run Adรฉlie on, and OS 9 seems like a waste of the hardware.

Maybe Debian if I end up working on their PPC stuff?

@ajroach42 @Shamar AFAIK it works just like newer Windows, PrtSc puts the screen on the clipboard, Alt+PrtSc puts the current window on the clipboard, then you can paste into Paintbrush, save, and upload that BMP (and convert it to a GIF or PNG on a modern platform)

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Great critique of that Lancet paper on the supposed risks of even low levels of alcohol consumption t.co/nBkyGkhmzJ