periodic reminder for refugees of alpine: we’re here, we have a focus and a plan, and we actually do have open governance instead of bickering about how open to be!

and cookies! not the HTTP kind! @AdelieLinux

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In the past 24 hours:

- t-mo phone dead. Software, not hard bricked. But still dead until I can build adb on a computer I own. Which means fixing Golang on PPC64.

- fibre cut took out the entirety of @AdelieLinux infra.

- some bugzilla guy blew me off for asking if they’d start putting release tarballs back on Moz infra instead of relying on unreproduceable GitHub commit tarballs.

- KDE released Applications 19.04, bringing our freshness rating on repology down 15%.


Text-mining journalists find that lawmakers introduced 10,000 bills that were copypasted from lobbyists' "model legislation"

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me: hi!!

cat: miauu

me: mrow?

cat: mIauUu

me: MrrOooOw

Packing in more features,
you're not likely to finish in time.
Pound on sharp tools,
they won't last long.
Code full of chrome and glitz,
nobody can secure that.

Money, power, and ego:
what follows is disaster.
Finish the job and move on,
that's the way of Unix.

@awilfox I had the same problem when setting up's current cluster. Our code is all hosted in a GitHub repository (for convenience of tracking upstream), but only one of the hosts has an IPv4 address for cost reasons.

@florian and running the web browser written by an advertising company is better?

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Remember this post in a few months…

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Granted, like 8 of those days were spent debugging why nothing would build on 32-bit ARM, but then it became so obvious

It’s because 32-bit ARM is a sucky cpu don’t @ me

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