Maybe everything will be okay

I mean, it's not likely, but it's possible

immature glyphs 

It's the worst feeling to be so close to realising something you've been working on for years, and yet possibly about to have to stop on it permanently

init: I boop - bip boop - lead an IRC channel

asking for help, boosts appreciated, emergency 😓 


Special offer: our Patrons at Backer tier or higher before 10 November will have their names listed in our installer!

8 years ago, somebody who had my current IP address edited the Shadow the Hedgehog Wikipedia page to add "Shadow the Hedgehog is hot". IPv4 exhaustion is real and it's terrifying.

snow 40%. Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy my ass

Using C++17 <filesystem> heavily and now when I see "selfie, ec" as a CW on fedi I read it as "selfie, error_code"

tech, massively unpopular opinion 

Yeah, the more I examine this life, the less it looks like the life I want.

I was searching the Internet for answers last week and came across this:

It asks you to examine your life for clues about what your values are, because you won't be happy unless you act according to your values.

It made me realise that I've been neglecting my true values.

Why? Because they are dismissed, rejected, ridiculed or played down by virtually every person in my life.

religion adjacent but probably uncontroversial 

From twitter 

I actually non-ironically like a Boost library

I think I may be going to hell

sad, rip (literally) 

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