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Cloudy days fill me with wanderlust.

If I didn’t have responsibilities and family and things to take care of, I would have spent today on the highway just driving.

Just to drive.

Does anyone else feel that way or am I broken

old but still good - the best error message I ever saw

TSA: no fluids, no nail clippers, none of that

Also TSA: you can get high proof vodka from the duty free, a lighter, and a cheap piece of flammable cloth. Also a rather sharp nail file too. Nothing is wrong with this at all.

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Reminder to myself: ain't got time for things that don't always make me happy

If something gets me upset or frustrated regularly, might be time to stop following it and find something else instead

> you have 3 new notifications

> nobody has @β€˜d me for two days

the worst thing about being a cat is you have 9 mid-life crises

Stupid autocorrect. The Weeknd*

Also, that’s an actual screenshot of my phone I just took

To any life forms reading this.

We, as living creatures, enjoyed the company of others. We also enjoyed cross-species communication and bonding, as other species did with us.

We thought photos like this were cute.

We were Earth, and we had some good times together.

sure, we support two-factor auth

factor 1: your username
factor 2: your password

LB: KDE is a maze of twisty license texts, all alike and yet different

GPL 2+
GPL 2 or 3, but not + unless we say ok
Repeat for each LGPL version
GPL 2.1(!!)

"Only three people have ever really understood the KDE licensing business β€” the lawyer, who is dead β€” @awilfox, who has gone mad β€” and I, who have forgotten all about it."

Wake up to people yelling at me.

Cat won’t snuggle me.

Then talk about IRC on fedi.

Yeah, this is one great Sunday.

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