Yo, people who run instances, you might care about this

Apparently there's some vulns in Linux that let you use a ton of system resources or cause a kernel panic over the internet with some TCP features

Good news, you can work around them all pretty easily without compiling your own kernel


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Pride look test run! (selfie, no ec, boost to give me the self-esteem to actually wear this out of the house)

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Bonjour les mastopotes o/

C'est dredi, mais étant en déplacement, le week-end va être tard ce soir 😕

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it's like I'm open about being a freak of nature because I want others who feel similarly to know they aren't alone and that alone makes it worth being out and proud wth who I am, damn people who insist I be normal or seek psychiatric help (I am, for unrelated reasons)

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Somewhere, on one of my archive disks, is a Windows 2000 VM with a Qt 5.5 build.

I need to find this for Reasons and NO I AM NOT TRYING TO RUN MICHABO ON MY PENTIUM II

@kaniini the GitLab at Pleroma.social is not sending confirmation emails

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well, crap, @kaniini done made a client that actually works and is performant on POWER

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