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Shirts and noodle makers have one thing in common

You put something into one hole and then suddenly stuff spits out three other holes

Conclusion: shirts and noodle makers are equivalent

No we do not care how flawed our logic is

> saying "ok boomer" as a kindness, as in "it'll be ok boomer. Millennials will fix the world and it'll all be ok. Just let us take over. It's ok boomer."

I should note this is the Heirloom implementation of mailx; strictly speaking, SMTP is not a POSIX requirement. It is just additional functionality shipped with the reference implementation.


Met @alayna IRL today. Did not see her umbrella, not sure what she is whacking baddies with now.

Met @amic today. Fedi consensus was correct, she is good Ami.

Bumped cURL to new version. Fixed some OpenSSL 1.1 things, including SMTP STARTTLS in POSIX mailx. Confused a bunch of Unix geeks by noting POSIX mailx supports SMTP (not just sendmail).

Does anyone know of a better weather app for iOS that lets one receive timely weather alerts WITHOUT draining battery?

AccuWeather managed to push a tornado warning two minutes before EAS toned out on AT&T so relying on the EAS toneout is not an acceptable solution…

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That indescribable feeling when you’ve finished something and you close all the tabs related to it

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