thinking about the meaning of "performance", oops its about gender too 

This was inspired by another thread but felt like it's own thing

We have noticed that there is sometimes a notion, when the word "performing" or "acting" is used, that something is not genuine. The idea that if something is an act, it isn't *real*.

it's quite the opposite. a good performance comes from somewhere genuine and deep. a good DJ tells their own story to the audience in music. The difference between a singer singing the words, and really _feeling_ them is stark.

a genuine core shines through regardless of skill.

performing takes energy. but it's not inherently fake. and it can be deeply satisfying to do.

this carries to gender as well. "boy" was a character that I hated performing. It was a halfhearted phoned in act necessary for survival. "girl" is only a facet of who i am, but its something I very much enjoy performing. it can be exhausting, and i need breaks, but in the moment it feels right.

re: thinking about the meaning of "performance", oops its about gender too 

on a personal note, i simplified to "boy" and "girl" for the sake of character count, but those who know me know that there is so much more to that with me than the unacceptably binary-bound societal ideal of girl.

i really use the word "girl" quite looselely

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