The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

@IzzyWithAnIzze @artemis @haskal
that was EXACTLY my thought.

Ping me when you get started (assuming you were serious, and that you can't get started "today" - I can't get started for... a while. Because outages are, apparently, things that are going to happen right now.)

@artemis gecko and servo can be deleted, chromium has embedding APIs, Mozilla killed that.

@artemis It's more like that Chromium will become a dependency of youtube-dl...

BYOND Trashpost 

@artemis six on Windows because BYOND still uses Internet Explorer 7's core and refuses to upgrade to a newer core.

@artemis Youtube-dl is an amazing tool that future generations will look upon with awe.

@artemis What about Gecko compiled in webasm so it can be run in Chromium?

@artemis we feel like at some point it's just going to switch to running Chromium in a container
@artemis youtube-dl pretty much does this with phantomjs
@artemis (which is necessary for downloading from... um... certain websites)

@artemis just had to pip upgrade youtube-dl to grab NFL halftime show

@artemis I guess at some point youtube-dl might just become a webkit plugin.

@artemis Youtube's platform still changes 3 times a day.

@artemis The python-based browser has the sort of performance one might expect, but it's the only one left that is able to access sites that aren't run or licensed by Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Disney-Yutani, Google, or their subsidiaries.

@artemis I get the joke and it's quite funny but it also reminds me of the sad reality that the only real usable ones are Webkit, Blink and Gecko and as it looks rn Gecko wont be there for that much longer :/

@artemis you're so optimistic! I'm afraid we will have webkit-and-forks only

@artemis thank you for the relay @remotenemesis i needed this relay. and i needed this relay now

and alas servo is dead, maybe reviveable

Wasn't Servo a playground for Rust Gecko features and now they're merged into Gecko?
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