Remember when they told us we wouldn't always have a calculator

@artemis jokes on them, i carry my TI-89 with me whenver i have to do SOME SHOPPING

@artemis "One day you'll have a ridiculous supercomputer glued to your hand at all hours of the day, and you'll occasionally feel a bit guilty that you don't even do basic arithmetic in your head anymore"

@artemis i think they were talking about like, a desert island scenario where you’d have to fashion a solar powered calculator using nothing but an old coke bottle to sinter a silicon chip out of beach sand- and you’d have to bootstrap the ALU without a calculator to do rigorous testing.

@artemis Now your calculator spies on you and can narc if you use it when you shouldn't!

@artemis There are so much better arguments for learning math they could have given. On the other hand, those arguments apply more to approaches to math they didn't teach.

@artemis I dunno, I never have a calculator handy when I'm trying to fall asleep and instead for some reason am doing long division in my head to calculate some random number related to a passing thought I was having instead of falling asleep.

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