So with matrix hitting 1.0, can someone tell me if it's actually usable yet?

Like is synapse still the only homeserver impl and a massive resource hog?

@artemis there's dendrite which is a server in (*shudder*) golang but idk what the state of that is at the moment

matrix has been generally usable already, i use it all the time

@artemis I've been running a synapse server + riot on the smallest droplet on DO for months now without any issues

@drzaiusx11 is it just yourself on there or do you have other users? Also, how many channels are you in?

@artemis I'm only in like 6 channels with about a dozen active users. I assume you'd need more horsepower than a minimal DO droplet if you had hundreds of either (users or channels.) I have no need or plans to scale atm, since this is just a replacement for google hangouts among a close group of friends.

@artemis Yeah, Synapse is still the only full implementation (although I understand Construct is reasonably close).

Synapse isn't *that* bad at resource usage, though. It's not light, but my whole Synapse container (so, Synapse, postgres, and such) is using <2G ram and idling along at ~10% CPU utilisation of the low-power custom AMD chip in my NAS. I'm in many of the biggest rooms, so that's close to worst-case, memory wise.

@artemis I wouldn't put it on a Pi, but it's not so heavyweight that my (HP N54L) NAS is particularly concerned about running it alongside my mail server, backup server, spam filter, lucene indexer, …

@artemis is still the most mature client, with the most features implemented, but there are a bunch of native clients that support most of the features - Spectral, Nheko, are Qt, Fractal is GTK, there's one for MacOS that people like.

They tend to be missing some of the newest experimental features (reactions, new e2ee emoji verification), but they're usable and generally have interestingly different design ideas.

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