eight character horror story:


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@artemis am i absolutely insane for never having anything against this, even in 2019?

@desvox as someone who lived with this from 2016 until recently, I think you might be. πŸ˜„

@artemis i lived with 1024x600 for almost as long for a while, from mid 2015 to the beginning of 2017, and even then i still dont mind it much. the only part i dont like is that font rendering gets meh when the dpi is too low
@desvox @artemis I'm a couple of years away from having more years with widescreens than with other solutions. It was weird at first. From '97/'98 or something earlier to 2010 I had 15, 17 and 21 inch CRTs with their respective resolution. I would still have them if tfts wouldn't have gotten cheaper.
@desvox @artemis oh 1024x600. I've read 1024x768 at first. What kind of weird resolution is that, which devices have this? old netbooks?
@ng0 @artemis *drumroll* it was an old netbook! and i was stuck with it! for! almost! two! years! :akko_aaa:​

@desvox I used to thrive off of bitmap fonts in the terminal. So crisp at low DPI!

@artemis part of this was due to the surge of 16:9 displays and it was cheaper to just take 1024x768 and e l o n g a t e it instead of a more dense, expensive 1080p panel.
But at this point of the decade it’s just unacceptable to sell 15” laptops with that resolution

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