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It's October! And what better way to celebrate than music? I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite songs that feel October to me

Today's song is a cozy love letter to autumn. If you love Owl City you'll like this too ❀️

Linus From The Stars - Autumn Leaves

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(Part 1/? - phones) Repetitive stress injury update, things I have done to make it better 

So I haven't talked a lot about the details of what I've been doing to deal with my hands being damaged recently. I figured I might collect some of the major things.

# Part 1 - Phones
- in general, I try to use dictation as much as possible when participating in a conversation
- I also try to use voice control for general system control as much as I can reasonably. This is somewhat challenging because the phone I have has drastically reduced responsiveness when I have voice control enabled. The only solution for this is to upgrade my phone, but it's manageable for now
- as a follow back I try to use swipe typing because that seems to hurt my hands less
- I refuse to write more than one or two lines of code from my phone. Any task which puts significant stress on my hands gets deferred to a different device
- I got a pop socket which makes it a lot easier to hold the phone while I'm using it.

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ever wish someone made electroswing that didnt just sound like slightly different Caravan Palace? and had more fun goodvibes energy?

check out Peggy Suave!

Route 66 -

Do I Feel Happy In Life? -

Line -

Now Looka' Here -

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shadows can be deep and liquid or they can be dry and airy. they can follow you around but if you approach them they disappear around you.

i love shadows

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I had this dream where me and some other ppl with various chronic pain / disabilities went to Johnny Test's science sisters and asked if they could help us. And they were like sure thing and hit us with a beam that turned us all into cats and you know it certainly solved our problems

These are real captchas from a real website

I uhh... I can't really caption these. But know that one of them is literally a cropped Android status bar. I also saw the GTA font at one point

Computers, dunking on discord screenshot 

Worst take of the morning, in response to someone posting pics of their build

Young friend,
Did you know that you're gay, I said
Young friend!
No like actually gay, come on
Young friend!!
Not much more I can say, cause you're


Watching these computer boys struggle with code of conduct like "don't be an asshole" is the hardest task they've ever been given

Sesame Street, Foo Fighters 

One of these things is not like the others!

One of these things is not just another one of the same, it's a pretender!


Yeah anyways I'm reading this now

1600 pages and gardenGnostic just does not ever stop being the hugest of moods

After several months of intensive research and development, I present to you all: Suzanne_Ve.GBA

Or at least I would, but it currently is broken in every emulator out there, even the ones I usually count on to be cycle-accurate*, in a way that causes horrendous flickering that I wouldn't wish on anyone photosensitive. But it works fine on hardware, so here's a recording of it from my Gamecube!

(* bug reports incoming)

CW: Close-up eye contact; muzak.

Autistic mood: your watch congratulated you for reaching your move goal even though you've been sitting around all day and you realize oh hey you've been stimming

- the fae ask for your name, you tell faer to let you know if fae figures it out because you don't know, fae storms off in frustration

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- realize you now have no reason not to keep choosing new names
- end up with a lot of names
- everyone asks you which you prefer they use, you genuinely have no idea and don't know how to answer

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Shoutout to everyone who has
- chosen a new name
- changed their legal name to the new name
- chosen ANOTHER new name
- legal name is good enough so not worth the bullshit to change it again

If you got a specification for robot girls wirelessly communicating over ad-hoc wifi networks that's 802.11qt

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