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(Part 1/? - phones) Repetitive stress injury update, things I have done to make it better 

So I haven't talked a lot about the details of what I've been doing to deal with my hands being damaged recently. I figured I might collect some of the major things.

# Part 1 - Phones
- in general, I try to use dictation as much as possible when participating in a conversation
- I also try to use voice control for general system control as much as I can reasonably. This is somewhat challenging because the phone I have has drastically reduced responsiveness when I have voice control enabled. The only solution for this is to upgrade my phone, but it's manageable for now
- as a follow back I try to use swipe typing because that seems to hurt my hands less
- I refuse to write more than one or two lines of code from my phone. Any task which puts significant stress on my hands gets deferred to a different device
- I got a pop socket which makes it a lot easier to hold the phone while I'm using it.

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ever wish someone made electroswing that didnt just sound like slightly different Caravan Palace? and had more fun goodvibes energy?

check out Peggy Suave!

Route 66 -

Do I Feel Happy In Life? -

Line -

Now Looka' Here -

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shadows can be deep and liquid or they can be dry and airy. they can follow you around but if you approach them they disappear around you.

i love shadows

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dissociation silly 

[yu gi oh voice] It's time to d-d-d-d-d-dissociate

Bike planning 

So maybe:
Pre order electric bike to have in August,
Do more ride on app rental bikes to build confidence



why the FUCK are there fireworks

a let's play but its just the person scrolling the public timeline and commentating

re: Pronouns, gendering, idk? 

Pronouns aren't genders

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Pronouns, gendering, idk? 

I don't rly like using the term "misgendering" for someone using the wrong pronouns for me

If they try to force a gender on me that doesn't fit, that's misgendering, no matter how it's being done

On the other hand, if they respect my gender or lackthereof, no pronoun they could possibly use for me would be misgendering, even if I don't like the pronoun they used

Sooooo which one of you is super hexagon and which one is geometry dash?

Forgot how much I love the Microsoft sidewinder x4. Wanna get the one I have in Georgia back- I modded it with white LEDs

Feel like the fact that every vpn company makes their own vpn app to wrap openvpn and friends is an indicator that existing vpn-provider independent tools need usability improvements

I keep getting spam texts from random numbers addressed to "Hannah" and uhhhhhhhhhhhh stop

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