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Every letter is a plural system and each system member specializes in a different field of mathematics. that's why letters get reused so much with different meanings

For example, one of Z's system members really enjoys euclidean geometry. Another one is very fond of signal processing (Z-transform)

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if anyone is confused as to whether to call us lillian or artemis

it all works fam

we like having multiple names, keeps it fresh

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shadows can be deep and liquid or they can be dry and airy. they can follow you around but if you approach them they disappear around you.

i love shadows

❄️why do i spend so much of my time front talking about how i should front more

A personal appeal from Eugen "Masto" Don

imagine if somebody took mastodon and made a club penguin interface around it but its still mastodon

if you're posting from cybre dot space yuoure cybreing

alc and autism 

artemis rebroadcasted

the jedi: only a sith deals in absolutes

also the jedi:
- *only* a sith deals in absolutes
- A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack
- Do or do not. There is no try.

so it seems like im starting to associate ANSI layout with windows and HHKB layout with macOS


plural stuffs 3 

plural stuffs 

plural stuffs 

C/C++ code naturally reacts with trans people over time to produce Rust. Given enough time and trans people, all of the initial C/C++ code will be consumed by this reaction

me, looking at my ruby codebase at work, muttering to myself: "rewrite it in rust" "but that would take a lot of effort and time" "rust goooood" "but sidekiq man is my friend" "ruuussssttttt"

hey frontend nerds, whats the current hip lightweight alternative to stuff like react

making an official dark mode of your site is praxis

ive been finding that more and more, duckduckgo is actually finding more relevant results than google for random problems I run into while writing code

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