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(Part 1/? - phones) Repetitive stress injury update, things I have done to make it better 

So I haven't talked a lot about the details of what I've been doing to deal with my hands being damaged recently. I figured I might collect some of the major things.

# Part 1 - Phones
- in general, I try to use dictation as much as possible when participating in a conversation
- I also try to use voice control for general system control as much as I can reasonably. This is somewhat challenging because the phone I have has drastically reduced responsiveness when I have voice control enabled. The only solution for this is to upgrade my phone, but it's manageable for now
- as a follow back I try to use swipe typing because that seems to hurt my hands less
- I refuse to write more than one or two lines of code from my phone. Any task which puts significant stress on my hands gets deferred to a different device
- I got a pop socket which makes it a lot easier to hold the phone while I'm using it.

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ever wish someone made electroswing that didnt just sound like slightly different Caravan Palace? and had more fun goodvibes energy?

check out Peggy Suave!

Route 66 -

Do I Feel Happy In Life? -

Line -

Now Looka' Here -

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shadows can be deep and liquid or they can be dry and airy. they can follow you around but if you approach them they disappear around you.

i love shadows

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Growing up for us was "moderator" ceasing to be a cool position of power we aspired to and instead becoming a responsibility we dread anyone asking us to take

I supply the fear, you supply the hate, we split the suffering eeeehhhh 50-50

[To the tune of "fhqwhgads", pronouncing FPGAs as fuh-puh-guh-ahs]

Come, on, FPGAs
I said come on FPGAs
look up table to the limit
Come on it's to the limit
Everybody coding FPGAs

The actual solder for anyone interested in hunting some down. It's Felder Sn100Ni+

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Solder joints from my first time using pinecil & SnCuNiGe lead-free solder with some kind of no-clean flux formulation

Same photo twice just different exposure

Nice n' shiny! And it's actually a eutectic alloy

(Plurality) Anyone else have like a facet who is the only one capable of scheduling properly and u just can't make decent plans unless they r around

Cute graffiti!!!

1. Red pupper with party hat go woof
2. Party hat pupper go woof but on a stop sign
3. "Scene Revival 2021" and a scene furry
4. "RAWRD CORE!!!" and the A is a star

you're a kid you're a squid
you're a kid you're a squid
you're a kid you're a squid

In case the gal working at the local dispensary with the she/her/hers pin, three sylveon pins, a pikachu pin, and a collar happens to be on mastodon:

Y'all were busy so I didn't say hi but fuck yeah I support so much

working on continuing some work @technomancy did towards a split atreus, i got the routing done for one half so that's cool

Today is the one day of the year where you can see a real life trans person! Keep at a safe distance if you're going trans-watching though... if you get too close you can turn trans yourself!

They told me he likes to have involvement in the infrastructure operations

Imagine Elon musk video calling in to tell you he thinks you should switch to kubernetes because he heard about it on Twitter

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I did not get a second interview. Which is good because I really didn't want a second interview

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I applied for a job at spacex as a joke but I actually got an interview, anyway the cult of Elon is even stronger than I expected over there big yike

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