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(Part 1/? - phones) Repetitive stress injury update, things I have done to make it better 

So I haven't talked a lot about the details of what I've been doing to deal with my hands being damaged recently. I figured I might collect some of the major things.

# Part 1 - Phones
- in general, I try to use dictation as much as possible when participating in a conversation
- I also try to use voice control for general system control as much as I can reasonably. This is somewhat challenging because the phone I have has drastically reduced responsiveness when I have voice control enabled. The only solution for this is to upgrade my phone, but it's manageable for now
- as a follow back I try to use swipe typing because that seems to hurt my hands less
- I refuse to write more than one or two lines of code from my phone. Any task which puts significant stress on my hands gets deferred to a different device
- I got a pop socket which makes it a lot easier to hold the phone while I'm using it.

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ever wish someone made electroswing that didnt just sound like slightly different Caravan Palace? and had more fun goodvibes energy?

check out Peggy Suave!

Route 66 -

Do I Feel Happy In Life? -

Line -

Now Looka' Here -

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shadows can be deep and liquid or they can be dry and airy. they can follow you around but if you approach them they disappear around you.

i love shadows

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food question 

hey how do you make a grilled cheese

i know the basics are like, you're tryna toast the bread on the pan in butter, and you're tryna melt the cheese, but whats the order of operations here?

toast the slices individually, then put the cheese in? put it on the pan in sandwich form from the start? whats the deal

can anyone recommend desk chairs that are comfortable

i cannot keep sitting in the chair i have now its just, really painful actually

dont worry about budget i am like that comic where the girl cheaps out on every possible thing but then spends all her money on books except for me its now chairs and beds


BTW for anyone that's like "I wanna start a blog but idk what to write about" i guess a few things that inspire me to write:

- There was a confusing thing, I couldn't find good information about it online, but I figured it out. I like to write something up to maybe help the next person trying to figure it out.

- I'm really excited about something and I want to infodump about it. Sometimes i do this instead of messaging friends, sometimes i do it after i message friends to collect it in a more organized way.

- I keep explaining some thing to a lot of people. I can write about it so I can sent that link to people instead and save me some typing / give them some more refined information.

- I made a thing and wanna talk about it

- I'm angry about something and want to channel that anger into something. Gotta be careful with this one but its what inspired my post about anticheat software and accessibility, and helped me refine some arguments about how to make things better

Puppy Linux: ROX File Manager Basics

puppy's file manager has a few confusing UX differences from most file managers so I explained them

they put a GUI around `ldd`

that thing you do to figure out what shared libraries a program is missing to figure out why it wont run.

who _does_ this?? not enough people tbh

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- hostsfile adblocking? gui.
- viewing detailed hardware info? gui.
- setting up a samba (network file share) server? gui!!
- making literally any kind of archive (iso, squashfs, 7z, zip, tarball)? all in a single gui.
- dd for disk cloning? gui.
- mirroring a directory? gui.
- editing your crontab? darn right there's a gui.
- searching your filesystem (and NOT in a bad way like in most file managers)? yup!
- fuckin, port scanning? gui!
- there's even a SIP (VOIP phone protocol) gui for some reason what is even happening

and this isnt even all of them

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we feel like most distributions take "the GUIs are bad and lacking features/usability" and say "just learn the command line, its better."

whereas puppy linux decides, "what if we made more GUIs that actually do the things people want to do"

The actual solder for anyone interested in hunting some down. It's Felder Sn100Ni+

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