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warning: video, sound

I'm so happy we got this domain not gonna lie

(thanks haskal on tilde for hosting! ❤️)

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Y'all what's some good podcasts to go grocery shopping to?

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Okay seriously Francophone enbies how do you do French? I've been wondering for ages.

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YouTube keeps giving me ads for Christian universities and I really wanna know what they think my demographic is

As someone who doesn't drink and doesn't drive, all the beer and car insurance ads are great too

Thanks red video site

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Please allow me to toggle whether or not I get to see these cursed numbers #Mastodev

Alright I gave in and put Actual Information in our bio

I'm keepin that Yeet right there at the top tho that's like our defining personality trait

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@kaniini can pleroma act as an XMPP provider? I heard someone mention offhand they think it might be able to but they weren't sure.

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Maybe friendship is the most essential oil of all

Alright so now that my website has been working for a week I need to revisit the design to make it proper retro zoomer aesthetic

Send me terrible gifs I need them

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See the problem with people asking us what our life goals are is that the only thing we've ever wanted is to be a queer girl, and now we are, so like life goals complete tbh.

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Yo, people who run instances, you might care about this

Apparently there's some vulns in Linux that let you use a ton of system resources or cause a kernel panic over the internet with some TCP features

Good news, you can work around them all pretty easily without compiling your own kernel

@amic @desvox @cult @monorail

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