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another one i did before i got to the databending

b l u e g i r l

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if anyone is confused as to whether to call us lillian or artemis

it all works fam

we like having multiple names, keeps it fresh

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shadows can be deep and liquid or they can be dry and airy. they can follow you around but if you approach them they disappear around you.

i love shadows


audiohazard ad food meme 

I was playing my old warlock main, and doing the classic strat of spam-heal the demon tank while drain-lifeing to keep my own health up, and it still worked, so that's neat

Played some world of Warcraft in my dreams last night and wow the "invades ur dreams" expansion's content isn't bad actually

I don't usually play mobile games but I'm actually tempted to get waifu tower defense I mean arknights


Trying to come up with a word to describe all the random thoughts that tend to zoom around our mind without any particular associated identity, and no apparent source or destination

Thinking of "etherthoughts"

Fable the lost chapters has twice as many credits too cause it lists everyone who worked on the list chapters and then it lists everyone who worked on the original which repeats names that were in the first list

I love the part of Fable where if you skip the credits at the end of the game it brings you back to the main menu without saving so you have to fight the final boss again and then let the credits play all the way through

My coworker is playing a glitch hop remix of the bruh sound effect

What's the history behind markov generator bots being called name_ebooks

Is there an easier way to rename the user directory on Windows other than reinstalling, That won't fuck up anything and is easy to do?


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