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Really disappointed of amazon

ok google order apple homepod
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I like it when you touch a cat and it’s warm

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Interesting iOS display trick courtesy of @artemis
Intended to reduce sensory overload but has a cool side effect:

Go into General>Accessibility> Display accommodations and crank up the white point reduction to 100%
Turn on color filters and enable grayscale
Crank up the brightness

You now have half-assed e-ink display on your iPhone/iPad

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Faith~ rebroadcasted

Mashups form a mathematically consistent Category

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Easy to Find

I have often looked inside my drawers
without knowing why.
Something called out.
Seek me and you shall find,
but when I obey I'm confounded by memory's fleeting ways.
Hands immerse and return awkwardly empty
like a runaway child
when no one came after them.

mathematics is the world's largest fanfiction universe change my mind

Normal people: *goes up to crush, says they have a crush on them*
Me: *goes up to crush, flails arms wildly, runs away*

Accessing your raspberry pi 3 over UART because the wifi keeps randomly having latency spikes or outright breaking

I don't understand technology. My dictation on my iPad breaks, but only when I'm using Discord with an undocked keyboard.

Wow, I just looked at an iptables ruleset and actually understood all the rules. I feel like some sort of firewall sorceress.

Collars are a legitimate way of improving your progamming skill. It's like programmer socks for furries.

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I used to improve google's advertisements by completing google surveys, and then use the reward money to remove advertisements from apps.

Wearing a collar in public is terrifying, but a lot more fun than I expected.

Things that sound like a good idea at first but would be terrible in practice: automated buses

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i'll just code my own tty and then maybe y'all will stop bullying me
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