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Omg how have I never mentioned Steam Powered Giraffe here they are AMAZING

they're a steampunk robot band with kick ass costume skills, harmonization, and deep lore. Also one of them is trans and worked her transition into the canon of the universe too so fuckin cool

Here's some songs!

CW eye contact for most of these videos

Brass Goggles (rly fun) -

Honeybee (love song) -

Fire Fire (space horror) -

Malfunction (empowering song about neurodiversity and disability and stuff) -

Fancy Shoes -

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ever wish someone made electroswing that didnt just sound like slightly different Caravan Palace? and had more fun goodvibes energy?

check out Peggy Suave!

Route 66 -

Do I Feel Happy In Life? -

Line -

Now Looka' Here -

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A fashionable anime character holding a drink and looking away casually. A caption reads "giving a shit doesn't really go with my outfit"

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another one i did before i got to the databending

b l u e g i r l

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shadows can be deep and liquid or they can be dry and airy. they can follow you around but if you approach them they disappear around you.

i love shadows

Make me a pony, I'm the pony girl
Make me a pony tonight
Well I'm all in the mood for a mane and hooves
And some wings, that will let me take flight

An article topped hacker news reiterating that leaded solder is really fucking bad and all the circuit boys are out in force trying to convince themselves it's ok to keep using it anyway

Meds, bad life decisions, mostly joking 

i need to look in to those projects for automatically generating keysmashes. that way i can make a voice command for inserting a procedurally generated one

my adventures into voice control continue to go quite well. i now have a large number of system functions and editor commands automated. i am dictating this toot from talon, not using macOS dictation. that mean that theoretically i could have dictated this on linux. this has required a surprising lack of edits.

the keygen is called "CORE Keygen"

also it includes libbass.dylib in the .app file so u know it's gonna have some good keygen music playing if i open it

what are the chances this .dmg file for Dragon 6 for macos with a keygen included has a virus i kno nothing about macs

"its 2020, why are you still using a LAMP stack"

"i'd rather use something else, but the CTO says we have to do it this way"

The CTO: [cute moth picture]

[ign batman review voice] using Ghidra really makes you *feel* like Hackerman

Checking out at the bookstore

"So how will you be paying today"

"Well there's 92,000 words in this book so according to my calculations"
[slams 92 pictures onto the counter]

i love physical artifacts imbued with memories

i have so many things from so many people around the fediverse, and its really nice to hold them and feel that connection

i forgot how easily i can get stuff done in haskell, it feels so natural to use for me

side effect of having used it so much yeah but its nice to be back in it.

also the sparse syntax really gels well with voice coding

grad students: "blah blah blah computer vision blah blah whitepapers blah blah linear algebra"

senior computer vision developer: "haha tensorflow go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

if i keep at this im gonna end up with natural language processing on my resume and that's fucking terrifying

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