@amrofnoc well now i have the source of this in my search history so google probably thinks i'm turning into even more of a weeb

@amrofnoc how does the music compare to the rest of the series?

I actually got hooked on Ace Combat largely because of the soundtrack

@luciferMysticus It's everywhere

The game's music is in a different style from Alstromeria Record's famous Bad Apple remix, though

sick.bike/randomflash/bottlefa uses Yukari's theme for example

@luciferMysticus If you're just interested in the music, there's a remix for *every* style

tlmc.eu/2018/01/tlmc-v19.html is a 1.65TiB collection and isn't even close to everything out there

@amrofnoc the Sun is like... really goddamn big but it's peanuts compared to Betelgeuse

@luciferMysticus honestly take your pick

The music is amazing

The official print works are amazing

The games are amazing (but fair warning, quite hard compared to games in other genres, even if much easier than other games in the same genre)

@amrofnoc I found the bullet hell stuff in Undertale hard enough so I'll probably get straight fucked

@luciferMysticus Well, undertale can get tricky depending on what you're doing, I struggled with a no equipment genocide run, but if the main sequence stuff gives you pause it might be a bit tricky

there's always easy mode though, despite the memes some people do just like to play for fun and that's fine

@luciferMysticus the more you get into the more you can appreciate within any one thing, but there's enough to go as deep as you want even in just on category tbh

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