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@Elizafox @luciferMysticus You've seen the three star programmer

You've heard of the four star programmer

Now folks, I present to you

The five star programmer

char *****

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@amrofnoc @Elizafox @luciferMysticus genuinely concerned for the mental state of whomever wrote this

@amrofnoc @Elizafox @luciferMysticus
me reading this: how does that last line work? it's doing a strtoll() on the polynomial computation result, storing the (number!) in a 2-element array, and... printing the array as a string? what? are we uhhh calculating pointer addresses?
wait no the pointer printf gets is to the array
...oh. oooooh. oooooooooooh no. welp that makes sense

@amrofnoc @Elizafox @luciferMysticus how boring. They used GMP. I'll have to make a clone of this in Assembly with no external libraries.