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The fool who remains silent and is considered wise pays for the maintenance of this consideration of wisdom by the continuation of their true folly.

Be free with your follies and ignorances; it is only by the abrasion of these by the world that wisdom is honed.

"Myers-Briggs? That's unscientific, no better than astrology, and inferior to the Five Factor Model in every way; which is a long winded way of saying I'm INTJ"

Indiana Jones' music remains as catchy as ever. *whistles*

"In the first one! Rolls a baaaall. In the sec-ond! He takes a big, big fall. In the third one! ..."

It's quite the experience checking fedi from mobile for the first time in a while and running straight into posts with exactly the topics normally hidden with custom adblocker rules

Oh well at least it's meta posts that are about the american culture war rather than posts directly waging it

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@freakazoid @aral You can maintain the safest digital hygiene, there's always someone who will leak information on your behalf, because they cannot see any harm done.

There's a trillion dollars business on mass surveillance: this is the one to blame, not yourself, not your relations, but the militaro-industrial complex that creates both Frontex and Smart Cities. These are the same people.

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Facebook autorise les fautes de frappes dans les mot de passes, et apparemment c'est pas un soucis de sรฉcuritรฉ...


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> All links in mastodon posts count for 23 characters, no matter how long they really are.

tr \ \\\n -- < beemovie.txt | sed 's_^'


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There are instances that talk a good game about free speech but consist of agent provocateurs being so edgy that nobody else wants to be around

There are instances that talk a good game about diversity but consist of a monoculture of chronically depressed americans ruminating that nobody else wants to be around

Can the fediverse really do no better? I could have sworn I remembered times better than this

That moment where you finally give in and make adblock rules for all mastodon posts containing the words men, man, women, woman, or any word ending with phobic, and wonder what you're doing with your life

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