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*shouts into the void*

my first time reaching S+1 in splatoon today. tower control

i know this is supposed to be eastern european, but it's actually really good as an italo disco song


when i was a kid i used to be swish soda around in my mouth like mouthwash. my teeth hurt just thinking about it

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you can never think too much

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"I don't own a car" is the new "I don't own a television"

firefox 57 is pretty neat

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I'm here to shitpost and destroy linux and I'm all out of shitposts

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Alright, here's the plan. The first seattle mastadon meetup is going to be at the Jupiter downtown in seattle, drinks and games my treat. We need ten folks to play killer queens; after nine people respond to this toot with the phrase "im down" (capitalization and punctuation optional) then we pick a date. Boost or forward to whoever you want to see there! 21+ because booze. If a bunch of non-drinkers decide they'd like to come, maybe we do gameworks instead.

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due to a clerical error, mst3k.interlinked.me is now a memetic hazard

jacob collier makes me want to quit music and get better at music at the same time


a stranger uploaded to youtube a song i made in an hour and it has almost as many views as the most viewed video on my youtube channel

i might do inkovember because i missed out on inktober and it seems fun

i don't care if inkovember is not a "thing", you can't stop me