lately i've been feeling very connected to the world around me

spent all sunday doing math homework. it's the good kind of math though, the kind that's easy for me to hyperfocus on because there's an element of creativity

feels really good to be off call fucking f i n a l l y

earlier today i had a lyft driver who was a furloughed air traffic controller lmao

my lyft driver is ranting to me about relationships. we're just waiting to get out and she's not ending the conversation

even though p2p paas would be extremely cool

2019 will be a year of finishing all the shit i started. NO NEW PROJECTS! not even dope ones like p2p paas

part of me wants like a "low hum" sort of following on the internet. not anything huge, not anything patreon-paycheck numbers, just something to know that people are listening to my music and enjoying it

but anyway, i need to figure out how to use aug and dim chords in music. these are still enigmas to me

coming to mastodon to relieve the pressure to tweet. i'm trying to keep my twitter account kind of sane because it's a `brand' account now, sort of

if you guys needed a reminder of what a good webapp feels like:

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