One thing I don't understand is people complaining about graffiti on trains and walls but they couldn't be bothered a bit by ads being everywhere in our daily life actively and literally trying to manipulate everybody's thoughts and actions. But it's legit because that access to your brain is bought with money.

remember how they said witches town closing wouldnt be the end of the world?


It's late and I'm really tired so this is gonna be more low effort than usual
I'm Lee, I'm a chronically ill transgirl, and because my work screwed me royally I have no money.
Now my mother and I are barely making hand to mouth, I can't see the doctor because my medical bills are over two hundred dollars and unpaid, and I really need to see her.
I don't expect much, but please, if you could give something to my paypal at, well, to say I'd appreciate would be understatement.

I've struggled with signal vs noise for a while. Trying to attribute value to things to rank their signal above the noise.

Being here, with all you amazing, unique, talented, loving people, I have come to learn that I cannot quantify the human experience.

There is value in simple interaction between two or more individuals, without the exchange of ranked/valued information.

Just sharing our lives, is something
good, meaningful, and part of what makes life so interesting.

long, ranty

well witches town is closing, my gf is being taken away to a "group home" and I got banned from for being suicidal

I liked it better when people were at least rantign at me...

honestly the fact that most of you have fallen for her narrative that I'm the bad guy is realyl insulting

no one would notice if I dissapeared because I mostly have

remember how they said witches town closing wouldnt be the end of the world?


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