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It's funny because the accent spoken in Toronto is effectively the same one as spoken in Chicago with minor differences

"I say call 'em, they'll prolly be all"

*Bad Canadian accent*

"Ohh no! We're sorry! We'll have a new part out to you in a jiffy, eh?"

@Aerdan: "My chair is missing a part -.-"



me: "HA HA THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FROM ORDERING IT FROM CANADA!... eh I dunno call them they'll politely send you a new part"

Respectful disagreement even when you feel very strongly about something is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of character.

respectfully disagreeing = "I hate it with a passion of a trillion suns, but I don't want it to create bad blood"

"GCC's nested function builds a trampoline on the stack at runtime, and then calls the nested function through the data on stack. The trampoline requires the stack to be executable. No execute stacks and nested functions are mutually exclusive under GCC. If a nested function is used in the development of a program, then the NX Stack is silently lost.

GCC offers the -Wtrampoline warning to alert of the condition."


"some people like the way it looks, then again some people spread peanut butter on a floor and call it art"

Burning Man, or as I prefer to call it, Tech Bros Drop Acid

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In Alabama Senate race, thousands favored write-ins over Cannabis, Doug Jones

I sometimes get comments like "wow Eliza owns" and that alone makes it worth it to own.

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Oh my God "raw water" is a trend

This is so disgusting

How long until someone dies of Hantavirus or E. coli?

By our assumption, the coat is worth twice as much as THE ROOM

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