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@Elizafox they quickly became unstoppable. faced with an unprecedented threat, the peoples of earth united like never before, and the United Earth Government was formed,,,

"job creation" is actually the name of my cloning device, which unfortunately only creates clones of steve jobs, and further, i cannot stop it, help

lemme guess your age, ask me to guess and I'll guess it

I'll only guess it if we've interacted a lot cause otherwise it's just a random guess

@Elizafox it's less "immature" and more like "doesn't act very much like my mom"

Tornado warning? I'm still getting burger king. I'm not letting some cloud stop me.

People are surprised to learn I'm 28...?

I didn't know I was THAT immature...

me at 8: I want something that lets me browse the Internet and play any console game anywhere!

me at 28: okay I have a smartphone and it can do all those things but it sucks unwashed ass and I hate it

genital health, horrifying 

genital health, horrifying 

re: US politics adjacent, satire 

today in words that dont exist: "Ashfault", brought to you by the makers of "Heighth"

Fuck Lemony Snicket I've been through enough unfortunate events to write an entire encyclopedia

Elly no, PTSD shitpost 

US politics adjacent, satire 

US politics adjacent, satire 

ok updated commission info!

Won't do:
-Furries (I mean I could try if someone really wants but I don't really know how to draw them lol)
-Complex backgrounds

DM or reply if you're interested! I'll send a sketch once it's done for approval b4 continuing. Remember to let me know anything specific you want like pose, colors, outfit, etc. or I will just figure it out myself!

Paypal only! also maybe cashapp idk yet lol

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