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somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who also had a girlfriend who also had a boyfriend that I had in February last year

@shadow8t4 I have a wife and girlfriend and my girlfriend is also girlfriend with my wife and also has her own girlfriend and someone else who is ???


You would think people would know better than to ask what caused my C-PTSD but...

I want to adopt a kid and raise it with four mothers and maybe a dad

somehow my mouth just made the "ok google" sound and now I think my mouth is secretly owned by google

@Elizafox what if it works like Highlander and the large, flightless bird gains florida man's powers

we're fucked

>Large, Flightless Bird Kills Florida Man

FINALLY, Florida Man is dead, I can sleep well at night now

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Why do they call it alcoholics anonymous if the first thing you say is your name?

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