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New England be like "antiques" *falling down house surrounded by garbage and rusty machinery*

tfw that bra you got from amazon fits cause you grew into it

@Elizafox it's fucking hard to shitpost the midwest. I have a newfound respect for the work you put into it

*grabs low pressure bulge*
TornadOwO what's this?
*blows hard*

@Elizafox new ultrasonic electric toothtounge removes 99 per cent of plaque in hard to reach areas
4 out of 5 dentists do not recommend but that one dentist will try everything

Dumbest idea I've ever had: brushing your s/o's teeth with your tongue. No I didn't try this. But this tops the curtain rod bridge as the dumbest and conceptually worst idea I've ever had.

I decided to borrow @plausocks pyjamas and that's how I got into her pants

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