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Ah yes just what Flint needed

Lord Yaoi KSC :sacred_chao: rebroadcasted
@Elizafox Union Pacific or Southern Pacific?
I don't wanna be B&O
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Oh man is anyone gonna get that one

🇬🇧 philosopher
🇺🇸 sorcerer

I was told growing up not to paint my nails because "people will think you're gay"

And I used to think, "what's wrong with that?"

And here I am like 23 years later or something and I still am like "what's wrong with that"

🇺🇸 Book of Genesis
🇪🇺 Book of Mega Drive

Lord Yaoi KSC :sacred_chao: rebroadcasted

🇺🇸 Terminator: Genisys
🇪🇺 Terminator: Mega Dryve

What they also don't tell you is that it's not a gay agenda. Trust me, we're far too disorganised for that. We just sorta put shit into our phone and hope we remember to check it.

What they don't tell you is it's not the chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay, it's me. I'm out there. Day and night. Telling frogs about how they don't gotta be straight if they don't wanna.

I'm one of those weird ass freaks trying to make your children into gay genderless weirdos. Everything you've heard is true. And the worst part is *clickbait voice* they hate it but they can't stop me.