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Rename Flint to Blockchain and watch the investment pour in

And maybe then it will have clean water

(sad that "Flint still doesn't have clean water" is more of a political meme and shitpost than an actual statement because no one is surprised anymore)

the joke is this is the name of a company that tests those pens that banks chain to the desks

I should make a key-value store that's just a single row in a postgresql table with a single column that's just jsonb

@Elizafox as I said when I saw it, "blockchain-powered? what about batteries?"

List of members of Jackson and his Computer Band:

* Jackson
* Computer

I hear Bed, Bath, and Beyond have had abysmal sales lately

name it Bed, Bath, and Blockchain instead.

Maybe Barnes & Noble can save themselves by changing their name to Blockchains & Noble

@Elizafox I propose we make a new company, call it Interlinked Corporation, make it publically traded, wait a year, then rename it to Interlinked Blockchain Corporation and watch the share value skyrocket

@Elizafox I have one: blockchain's main value now is to hype up boring shit just like blockchains first hyped up linked lists

I just ate a piece of pizza and like... the textures registered, but none of the flavours did. wtf

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