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I'm gonna do that slep thing I think. Tired after taking my meds.

Basically it's going to be just barely warm enough for it to be rain and it's gonna suck.

@kurisu @plausocks We have bike paths. You can use them. It's just it's either way too hot or way too cold for it to be viable. And things are too far apart. It only gets worse when you factor in our lousy public transit.

People in the UK bitch about how shit their weather is

Me from Oklahoma: wanna trade?

@kurisu @plausocks The concept of there being nothing between towns but miles and miles of empty nothingness boggled her mind

@kurisu When @plausocks moved here from New England by car she was like "where the hell is the city and why is there NOTHING out here?" and then when we got into town was like "wtf it takes you 30 minutes to get across town?"

New Hampshire be like "don't tread on me" and Colorado be like "treading on me is one of a whole lot of kinks of mine"

A pokemon game but it's set in rural new Hampshire and the enemy team is just rednecks with homemade trump signs and "trespassers will be shot on sight" signs in the middle of nowhere

Wikipedia says it's hard to reproduce the Chorleywood bread making process on a small scale as if people really like the taste of awful British bread but want to make it at home

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