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The Oculus Rift is great. It's such a convenient place to store dust

If you order American muffins by mistake instead of English muffins it's just a giant slab of steak

On the other hand I thought about moving to CT for like 30 seconds and the thought of it made me want to die

Alex hates beef yet moved to beef country I somehow believe this may have been a minor error on my part.

Is the Arby's gyro any good btw? Because I'm too broke to go get a legit one right now.

Fuck it another bowl of ramen and if this doesn't satiate me I'm going to commit financial seppuku and just go to Arby's and order like six of those giant ass beef sandwiches they have and eat until I stop being hungry

I think the reason I'm still hungry is because I've not eaten anything proper I suppose

I'm tempted to get more food but I've eaten like three days worth of food in a day already >_>

@ale Hard to describe, like beef and thick macaroni noodles in a rich tomato sauce with some cheese

They brought back the original recipe of Chef Boyardee beefaroni do you know how fucking happy this makes me?

It tastes like my childhood I tell you

I've eaten:

* A bowl of ramen
* Two bagels, one with cream cheese
* Two hot pockets
* Two small cups of cereal
* Two cups of yogurt with granola
* A can of Chef Boyardee original recipe beefaroni
* I'm pretty sure I've eaten other things too

@plausocks It's dumber than that. Some off-brands already use the same markings on their lid as the Keurig cups.

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