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This also means the sirens are doing their job: getting people's attention. This is a GOOD thing.

I know a lot of people esp meteorology buffs are like "??? how can people not know what a flood siren sounds like?" but there hasn't been a flood in Tulsa since /1986/. That's before a lot of Tulsans were *born*.

I hear the fucking flood sirens even when they're not going off


By the way if you're in and wonder what's up with the weird WEE WOO sirens they're flood sirens

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#Tulsa: OHP and TPD are asking people to please stay away from the river if you don't need to go down there and do not stop on bridges to gawk at the flooding. You are delaying emergency response and snarling traffic.

#oktraffic #okwx

I know Tulsa's flooding is gonna be national news.

Yes, we are okay y'all. We are well out of even the 500 year floodplain.

Sucks for people near the river.

pleroma needs a scope_copy mode called β€œoldemail” that prepends β€œre:” to replies even if they already have β€œre:” prepended
so you end up with subjects like β€œre: re: re: re: re: selfie ec”

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