anglophones are some of the worst language imperialists

they always scream when people push back on them too

like they're at risk of going extinct or something

¿Poner un CW en los posts en español...?


Los anglófonos realmente creen que son el centro del universo... 😒

re: hmmmmmmm 

@monorail physically I'm a human but I'm also a catfox

It would be nice to be a catfox tho

being kin does not mean not being human, that's unavoidable

Tonight on Star Trek: The Next Generation
Ensign Ro can't stop dancing but could have solved everything if there was any continuity in the series.

In this episode Lt. Reed finally figures out how to make a fucking cloak work but is really in the dream of a sick child at a hospital.

re: hmmmmmmm 

@monorail or should I say, feelings of non-standard plain vanilla human identity

re: hmmmmmmm 

@monorail being kin is nebulous and varies between person to person, but the core thing is feelings of non-human identity or not being human

it's defined more by what it isn't than by what it is, if that makes sense

URGENT BEGPOST. boost are appreciated 

Update: I now have less than 2 day to raise funds. My hours have been cut down since the semester started. I’ve lost 4 days of income this week due to an ice storm that hit ok and my check will be extremely short. I have to pay rent on the first and I only have half of what I need. I need $220 by Sunday for rent.
Venmo: journei-g
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nothing, medical adjacent 

out-of-pocket expenses? i thought this was insurance, not outsurance!

re: this post has no honour, Pokémon reference 

@Elizafox this post is not a place of honour. no highly esteemed deed was commemorated here

this post has no honour, Pokémon reference 

I like shits! They're comfy and easy to come out.

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