New splint, now with blurring of the postoperative bit so it isn't gross

I decided to post these pictures minus pictures of the almost-healed wound (which is very small and not visible at all in these) so it's pretty inoffensive, for those who are wondering what the ramifications of my hand injury are.

This is the most I can bend my little finger now, with great effort that pushes my finger to the limit. I can't make a fist. Grabbing things is more difficult.

This is what the surgery aims to try to fix, although it is likely I will have some stiffness in the finger for the rest of my life and 100% functionality is unlikely. These injuries are pretty severe and challenging to treat, especially injuries where the cut is located.

hand injury details (almost healed wounds) 

Wanna know how bad I fucked up my hand?

Doesn't even look that nasty, I know

But the last pics show how far I can bend my pinkie. With a lot of struggle.

My mother in game looks more like me than my character ;_;

I forgot about this

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Pretty cool how my dad who's been dead since I was 7 gave me a PC that totally isn't out of date

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I know I'm barking up the wrong tree here but anyone know where I can find this Intel part? I need it for a project. I lost the one that came with my case long, long, long ago.

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