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Eliza (not an aspect), KSC @Elizafox

This except replace tweet with toot

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@Elizafox this basically says if you're offended you're stupid

@Siphonay the problem with idiots is that nobody wants to believe they are an idiot yet they somehow persist in the environment like some kind of mercury industrial waste

@Elizafox I love proper flowcharts

I made this one years ago with an old copy of Visio

Generally speaking the only people who are idiots on this are people who get offended when I say social justice is good or the Republican party are mostly bigoted racist assholes or that America doesn't have a Nazi problem.

@Elizafox I tend to think that any Nazis are a problem, but I'm curious for your take on why America doesn't have a Nazi problem. no worries if you don't want to rehash or whatever. ;)

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