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Non-profits have to remain apolitical and so I can't even /appear/ to represent the foundation I'm president of when talking politics, so:

The views and opinions expressed by this account are those of myself and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Interlinked Foundation or any of its other members.

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@Elizafox the interlonked fandation

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@rotatingskull 1) the NFL itself is not anymore

2) They were governed under a separate section of the tax code

3) Individual teams still are NPO's, but not under 501(c)(3)

4) The rules regarding what political causes you can rally for or against are vague and enforcement is... well, they don't enforce it against churches, let me say that. But small time ones get the hammer.

Legally mandated IRS disclaimer 

@rotatingskull The NFL was 501(c)(6), not 501(c)(3), different rules.

They gave up their status because:

1) They were about to have it taken by congress due to a series of scandals; they gave it up to avoid the humiliation.

2) They are supposed to be open to any association but only 32 teams could be members, so they technically did not qualify for 501(c)(6).

3) They owned a network of for-profits that were closely held and likely fell afoul of the rules.

Legally mandated IRS disclaimer, funny 


Due to the requirement of apoliticality, none of the non-profits mentioned have any opinion on the potential roundness nor flatness of the planet heretoforthwith referred to as "the Earth" nor the potential existence nor absence of a global reptilian political activism entity upon said "Earth".

This includes the Planetary Society and the
American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.


(gosh that's so close it's almost not funny x"D )

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